Keep the kids entertained

Enjoy some car fun on holidays

Holidays are great but getting to a destination can be a battle when it comes to spending hours in the car. Below is a list of 10 classic games, without the need of items such as pen and paper, which can easily be played. Try a couple of these to drive away the boredom.


One person creates the first line in a story, such as "Once upon a time there lived a dog" then each person in the car must add a line to the story. For older children you can create rules such as making every line rhyme for a more challenging game.

20 questions

One person must think of an item and the other players need to guess the answer. The first question is "animal, vegetable or mineral?" Players must only ask questions that have yes or no answers as they try to win. If there is no answer by the 20th question everyone has one chance to guess before it is revealed.

Car Cricket

The quintessential Aussie car game - but there are a few versions. Each person takes a turn batting and making runs by counting cars going past in the opposite direction. When anything other than a car, such as a truck or motorbike, passes the batter is out and the next person is up. Bonus four runs for a car towing a trailer and six runs for a vehicle with a caravan.

Alphabet game

The first player names an object available at a supermarket that start with the letter A. The next player repeats that word and then adds another item that starts with B and so on. When a grocery item is forgotten that player is out. You can use other subjects such as sports, countries etc.

I Spy

Well loved, this game is an endless amount of fun for young and old. One player says "I spy with my little eye something that starts with ..." and proceeds to give the first letter of the item they spy. Clues can be given along the way as the rest of the players try to guess what it is.|

That's my car

Take turns saying 'That's My Car' as vehicles go by in the opposite direction. It is quite a fun, simple game which may see you with an old rusty ute while the kids enjoy the lap of luxury with a limo.

Unfortunately and fortunately

Someone starts a sentence with Unfortunately... and then the next follows up with a Fortunately... You could start with "Unfortunately there are two more hours to reach the holiday house." The next person could follow with "Fortunately we have a lot of snacks to eat on the way".

Counting game

You need to count to 20 without any two people repeating the same number. Not as easy as you think when someone starts with a random number between 1 and 20 with players taking turns and also putting out random numbers. You are out if you repeat a number or if there is a five-second pause.

Word associations

The first player begins with a word, then the next person has to think of a word which is associated with it, and so it goes as players a. Example - first word: Book; second word: Worm; third word: Dirt; Bike; Helmet and so on...

Personalised number plates

Have a competition to see who can come up with the best personalised plate ideas. You can have a maximum of six letters or numbers in a plate.