Roadblock inconvenience accepted by Frances couple

A couple who live less than 100 metres from the SA-Victorian border have agreed with state government's latest travel measures despite the inconvenience it causes them.

This week road closure signage was placed near John and Lesley Naylor's driveway at Frances, designed to head traffic to a police border check in the town.

A roll out of roadblocks follow SA government enforcing tighter border regulations from midnight Wednesday as a result of Victoria recording a high number of coronavirus cases.

The detour has meant a few extra kilometres is now added to the couple's normal route to Victoria where Mr Naylor works as a farm manager.

Yet as Mrs Naylor explains, it's a disruption they can handle.

"We actually have to go back into town and through the checkpoint to get into Victoria now," she explained.

"While we have exemptions, we still go through the checkpoint rather than risk it."

Previously the couple would jump the border, a mere 50 metres from their home.

The Naylor's normal picturesque view from their house has this week been replaced by flashing lights due to the authorities' 24-hour presence.

"We have lived here for 40 years and not seen anything remotely like this," she said.

Mrs Naylor says while locals obey the laws, she points a finger at those who ignore the system which she added has lead to the extra road closures.

Earlier this month two men from Victoria were caught after breaching the border crossing requirements.

"But it's all good for us, we've just got to do this," Mrs Naylor said.

The optimistic couple is also of the belief it's easier to add a few kilometres to their day than have the virus.

Fortunately as the roadblocks are put in place, Mr Naylor takes leave from his essential work and Mrs Naylor says she has no reason to head across the border.

"So it's not affecting us at the moment," she said.

But added the 'talk of the town' is those who "attempt" to get around the barriers in place.

"Things wouldn't be like this is if people did as they were told by authorities," she said.

Mrs Naylor further welcomes the recommended social distancing rules.

"I think this type of restriction is not going to be with us for months but here for years, especially in supermarkets, because I don't think this virus is just going away in a hurry," she added.

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