Kingston Community School closed due to coronavirus

South Australia's first country student to test positive for coronavirus is believed to be a 10-year-old boy at Kingston.

Kingston Community School in the South East was closed by the education department as a result.

The situation was announced to the school community on Thursday evening.

A media conference involving the school's principal Lucretia Tocacui was held at the school on Friday.

Ms Tocacui later outlined what action the school and SA Health has taken so far as well as what measures they will need to take soon.

The principal firstly explained to the Leader how she was initially notified that a student had contracted the virus.

"The education director notified me because SA Health had notified them and they were trying to get in contact with the parents in question," she said.

"Within half-an-hour of me knowing that we had a confirmed case, all parents and all the teachers in our school were notified."

With SA Health handling the case, Ms Tocaciu outlined the process being followed at both locations after the news of the notification of the student case.

"What happens is SA Health contact the site leader and they confirm the names of students and staff members and instruct us to the relevant period to identify student contacts," she said.

Following this, Ms Tocaciu provided contacts to SA Health, with SA Health then telling the staff members and families of the students who were considered close contacts about the situation before sending them notes on steps that they needed to take from here on.

She stressed that she herself had not been allowed to send out information with the case solely coming under SA Health's jurisdiction.

The principal explained how the school had been following government guidelines, mentioning that they had been enforcing some safety precautions before Thursday.

"We had been following the protocols of hygiene in the school. We have had hand-washing and sanitation stations, protocols for interviews, social distancing and before this we had cancelled meetings - any meetings that were held were held with social distancing," she said.

"Any students who are sick were told to remain at home and parents have been fantastic in following this advice and we will get through this."

The school and its buses which are used daily will be cleaned at the weekend.

Ms Tocacui said SA Health would decide when the school would be re-opened.

"When the school is clean they will lift the closure of the school. That could possibly occur on Monday, but it is more likely to be on Tuesday just because this has occurred around a weekend," she said.

The principal said she had significant support from residents who showed a lot of compassion after hearing the news.

"I have had lots of support from staff, families, and the community," Ms Tocacui said.

"Obviously, everyone is very concerned - it seems most people are not concerned for themselves and are more concerned for this poor family."

The media conference was held at the school on Friday afternoon, but Ms Tocacui did not make any comments or answer any questions from reporters.

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