Job applications soar in SA amid the coronavirus

A big South Australian produce company has been overwhelmed by the number of job-seekers suddenly dealt hardship amid the coronavirus.

A social media post was placed by Virginia Farm Produce on Saturday to seek "hard workers" affected by job losses, but the response left the family-owned and operated business swamped with more than 2000 applications.

"We received 200 responses at the weekend which then went from 250 to 300 and then snowballed to 2000 with the announcement of businesses closing," said chief financial officer Jessica Snaddon.

"We still are receiving applications, one every minute."

The company, which produce potatoes, onions and almonds at farms at Virginia and in the South East, is offering 40 positions for short-term casual work.

Traditionally, the company's labour force has been propped up by backpackers in peak seasons, yet Ms Snaddon said the family has always been strong supporters and advocates for recruiting locally.

She said the social media post was created for existing workers to share with the intention of supporting those impacted by COVID-19.

The company put in place a second shift and will offer short-term casual work.

Meanwhile, more Australians should consider trying their luck on the land to financially pull them through the next six months.

The suggestion was raised by Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud during a radio interview last Thursday when discussing the nation's food security.

"We have to understand there are more than 140,000 backpackers in the country and more than 7000 Pacific Island workers with their visas," he said.

"There is a workforce here and it is about making sure that we continue to provide continuity for our producers."

In addition, the demand for essential supplies such as toilet paper, rice and flour as a result of hoarding by customers has led to supermarkets employing more staff.

Supermarket giant Coles was also overwhelmed after advertising 5000 jobs to help serve more customers and replenish shelves faster.

As a result, the company received more than 35,000 applications.