Regional schools supported with hygiene essentials in wake of coronavirus

SUPPORT: Essential hygiene items such as soap will be delivered to state schools in a bid to continue good hygiene practices amid the coronavirus.
SUPPORT: Essential hygiene items such as soap will be delivered to state schools in a bid to continue good hygiene practices amid the coronavirus.

Relief on essential hygiene items are insight for many country SA schools who currently operate with limited supplies due to the statewide shortage brought on by the coronavirus.

The latest $5 million state government investment has been initiated to protect students and staff by preventing the spread of the disease.

Funds will mean the delivery of vital supplies like sanitising gels, soap, toilet paper, paper towels and other hygiene products to all state schools to continue good hygiene practices.

The boost further supports contract cleaning in government schools and has the potential to involve more cleans during the day.

Clare High School in the state's Mid North welcomes the support.

"We are affected and am doing our best to purchase what we can to supplement the essentials until a delivery can be made," Principal Sharryn Daly said.

While Ms Daly believes good hygiene practices is a weapon in limiting the spread of the virus, the outbreak has led her to further instill strong measures to safeguard the school community.

"Social distancing is a highly effective measure we must take seriously in keeping us all safe from transmitting the Covid-19 virus," Ms Daly said.

In a newsletter to all parents and caregivers, the school provided a rundown of their safety measures in place.

This includes teachers ensuring students are separated by the 1.5 metre rule.

However, when classroom space does not permit, the school has organised for students to work in "break out spaces" or outdoors if available.

The school's canteen has taken extra safety precautions by placing space markers on the floor to support students with distancing.

"We are all working together to ensure we remain safe and well but we can not accomplish this if we are not all abiding by the suggested safety measures," the newsletter stated.

Meanwhile, funds further announced this week enable a dedicated supply and distribution team set up within the state Education Department to help coordinate the roll out of supplies.

The aim is to ensure no school goes without.

The plan responds to opposition leader Peter Malinauskas' plea to the Marshall Government on Monday, to urgently introduce protections if schools are to remain open.

Labor's push followed "more reports" they received concerning shortages of soap and hand sanitisers within schools.

But state government said they will continue to support schools and early childhood facilities with essential services.

Daily centralised order and distribution has begun, with orders already having gone to sites that have indicated a shortage.

Further supplies arrive at public schools later this week.

"We're working with wholesalers and other government agencies to source hygiene supplies for our schools and preschools," Education Minister John Gardner explained.

"In areas where the unprecedented demand has disrupted supply, we are stepping in to fill the gap."