Country South Australian schools remain open for now

Country SA parents share concerns as schools remain open amid surge in COVID-19 cases since last week. Photo: Supplied
Country SA parents share concerns as schools remain open amid surge in COVID-19 cases since last week. Photo: Supplied

Confused and upset parents in in the country continue to question the state government's decision to keep schools open despite a surge in COVID-19 cases at the weekend.

Health advice announced early last week by the federal government remains unchanged in South Australia for practical reasons.

Yet the decision has left many country parents questioning both the Australian and state governments after positive coronavirus tests tripled from 454 nationally to 1300 in under a week.

Their fears are also fuelled from the national closure of non-essential services from Monday.

Upset parents in the country, who do not wish to be named, shared on social media that the judgement call was "hypocritical" regarding student health.

Their attack is aimed at Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

One parent explained, with no social interaction and services closing, how can schools remain open.

Another parent, who also shared her thoughts on social media, ignited comments from other anxious parents who deemed the decision as a "joke".

Last week, the Prime Minister made it plain that the closure of schools would result in about a "30 per cent" decrease in job loss, greatly impacting those parents who worked in the health industry.

Mr Morrison provided an example of Singapore schools which have kept their doors open with low risk of virus transmission resulting.

With schools just three weeks until holidays, Mr Morrison said any closure would only add to the risk with children naturally congregating in the community.

But parental concern is set to intensify at the response from the New South Wales Government which announced on Monday that parents are to keep their children at home amid the state's spike in virus cases.

So far 136 people have tested positive to COVID-19 in NSW, which makes a total of 669 cases.

According to SA Health's latest data, as of Sunday, there have been 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The original figure had jumped on Saturday afternoon when a group of 18 Americans, visiting the Barossa, were placed in quarantine after 10 members of the party returned positive tests the night before.

Opposition leader Peter Malinauskas on Monday called on the state government to urgently introduce protections if schools are to stay open.

Labor's push comes from more reports of shortages of soap and hand sanitisers.