Chateau Tanunda Rings in Vintage 2020 in 130th year

Steeped in history, Chateau Tanunda marked its start to the 2020 vintage with the traditional ringing of the bell and the team gathering to witness the first crush on Monday morning.

The first grapes to arrive at the basket press were Pinot Noir which will become part of the Grand Barossa Dry Rosé 2020.

At this early stage, chief winemaker Neville Rowe is optimistic about this year's vintage.

"A cool break in the weather in the past week has seen our first pick coming into the winery in perfect condition," Mr Rowe said.

Next pick is at the Chateau's iconic 150-year-old Semillon vines, Light Pass, later this week.

"This wine is incredibly important to us as it has become the most highly collectable white wine of the estate from the Old Vine Expressions series," he explained.

Recent rain and moderate temperatures have also been beneficial to this year's crops.

Yields are low, but all indications are that we are expecting excellent quality wines from 2020.

Chateau Tanunda chief winemaker Neville Rowe

"Yields are low, but all indications are that we are expecting excellent quality wines from 2020."

"I expect we will see harvest reach full swing in the next two weeks, and Château Tanunda will be running 24/7 from February 19."

Mr Rowe who referred to the summer as "tough" for many in the region, said it is a welcomed relief to see the start of vintage roll in.

"It is going to move quickly, a lot of parcels look like they will be ready to pick at similar times making it a compact vintage for most," Mr Rowe added.

In addition, this year Chateau Tanunda welcomes a vintage team that includes winemakers from Germany and Denmark.

Importantly, winery owners, the Geber family, and the team also celebrate a special anniversary this year - 130 years of winemaking.

Owner John Geber, who attended Monday's first crush reflected on the occasion, highlighting the winery's legacy of quality wines and winemaking.

"I can only imagine what the original 1890 team of Basedow, Davenport and winemaker JC Gelly would say if they were to be here today to see the Chateau 130 years later," Mr Geber shared.

"I think they would be incredibly proud of what we are continuing until this day with the estate."

"The original concept was to establish a winery that would rival the best in the world, and we are taking that legacy and pushing it even higher to the goal of becoming recognised as Australia's first growth.

"We have the tools; we have the wines, we just need the world to share this amazing story," Mr Geber added.

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