What's cool for school | Trending

What's cool for school | Trending

First term is just around the corner, with plenty of fun items out there for primary school kids who love to express their personality and creativity.

Animal earbuds, $14.95. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, there are also dinosaur, cat and panda designs. isgift.com

Where's Wally glasses, two pairs for $199. Choose from four fun and colourful optical styles, all depicting Wally and his friends on the frames. specsavers.com.au

Mermaid five-piece backpack, $20. Has a variety of compartments and accessories to cater for any excursion or event. bigw.com.au

Dolce headband, $20. Whether you're six, 26 or 60, sometimes accessories make all the difference. pixiespix.com.au

Otto pencil case, $6.98. School stationery doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially if your child is mostly concerned with the colour choice. officeworks.com.au

Everyday gel pens (three-pack), $9.99. Cute options for when students progress to writing with pens. kikki-k.com/au

Bow school shoes, $139.95. Donate $5, $10 or $20 when buying kids shoes this year and Clarks will match every dollar. Donations will be split across the charities Drought Angels and the Australian Wildlife Society.clarks.com.au

No-show socks, $9.99. It's never too early to embrace this iconic Aussie brand. volley.com.au

Smash eight-piece lunch pack, $8. Keep your kids hydrated and their lunch cool during the summer months. bigw.com.au

Messy Monkeys Bars, $5.50. The perfect snack for active (and cheeky) monkeys, providing 26 per cent of the daily fibre needs for four to eight year olds. freedomfoods.com.au

Back to school kit, $29.95. Stationery packs are a great little gift idea for kids about to start at a new school. sunnylife.com.au

Little Miss Chatterbox stainless steel water bottle, $23.95. A handy clip on the lid means kids can easily attach the water bottle to their bag. Also comes in three other characters: Mr Strong, Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine. yellowoctopus.com.au

DYMO LetraTag handheld label maker, $39. If you spent more time than you care to admit rummaging through lost property last year, this could be a godsend. officeworks.com.au