Letters to the Editor, January 2020

Rail service should be kept

I am one person in a group of about a dozen people who have been trying to get Rail services started on the Barossa Railway Line, with the intent to have rail passenger services restarted.

At the present time we have a problem with the Rail being removed for the Kroemer's Crossing Roundabout, as we are of the belief that once the rail is removed it will never be returned.

Stephan Knoll's answer to our requests is that there has not been rail passenger services since 1968.

A lot of things have changed since 1968, one of them is the visitors to the Cellar Doors is reclining, another is the Barossa has grown a lot since 1968.

In my opinion the Marshall Government could run a trail, with 3000 class railcars for a 12-month period to gauge patronage.

It would take about one month to have the line available to run trains to Nuriootpa.

Going by information I have received the Voters of the seat of Schubert are not happy because Stephan Knoll is not looking after all of his Voters.

Doing lots of work in the electorate for the Transport Industry, but the normal people are just pushed aside.

It is time for change, to bring the people back to the Barossa.

The most important thing is, the Barossa Valley Railway line is 108 years old, and, it has to be kept.

Brian Leedham, Lobbyist for the return of Rail Passenger services, Wauchope, NSW

Trains services swept aside

I think it is an outrage that the Government can be so anti-rail as to sweep aside country train services to the Barossa area as they are going to rip up the tracks for that roundabout.

I live in Murray Bridge and have written to my local member twice about reinstating funding for the overland and been told they will not listen.

I also think a wine train to the barossa would be excellent , but our State Government is not interested in anything except buttering up to road transport barons so it seems?

Stephen Fountain, Murray Bridge

'On Demand' buses not senior friendly

The Member for Schubert and his department just don't get it?

Many seniors are just not interested in the latest technological 'toys' which require a mobile phone and 'apps'.

Why are so-called 'On Demand' buses being trialled in Stephan Knoll's seat?

Hasn't he noticed what happens when the ever-increasing power outages occur? No operating mobile phones. Smart people have kept their landlines.

All seniors want is a convenient and regular public transport system with paper time-tables, not less rail and bus routes, and removal of bus stops just to cut costs.

The government subsidising of the horse-racing gambling industry to the tune of $24 million, while refusing to support the essential 'Overland' train service for $330,000, just shows where the priorities of this government lie.

What a disgrace.

Ray Linkevics, Birdwood

School name change?

Have you noticed, recently, that we don't talk about 'schools' any longer, we talk about 'learning centres'.

I can only suppose that there must be a difference between the two.

Richard Harris, Gawler