George Alice nominated for a South Australian Young Achiever Award

George Alice. Photo: Facebook
George Alice. Photo: Facebook

George Alice, fresh on the heels of winning Triple J's Unearthed High competition, is in the running to start 2020 off with another prestigious award.

The 16-year-old musical talent from Faith Lutheran College has been nominated for a South Australian '7NEWS Young Achiever Award'.

Nominated by a Faith Lutheran College teacher, George is in the running for the Carclew Creative Achievement Award which recognises young South Australians using their creativity and associated skills to make an impact in their field.

Despite her youth, George Alice has worked hard for many years to achieve her dreams.

"I have been playing music, since I was 7 years old (now 16). Performing at various community events, and different locations all over Adelaide," George said.

"I have performed at multiple community events, including the gawler fringe, where I perform each year to support my music teacher and the small music community we have here.

"I also have performed at various nursing homes since I was young.

"I enjoy doing this as the elderly in the community do need something to look forward to, and I do enjoy making them happy."

"In 2018 I worked on recording two of my original songs to enter in the Triple J unearthed high.

"Unfortunately I didn't place in the competition, but I placed high on the unearthed charts multiple times over a few weeks..."

In 2019, George once again entered unearthed high, this time with her song "Circles", which received nation-wide airtime on Triple J and was number 1 across various charts and on Spotify.

Since her success through Triple J's Unearthed High program, George has faced her fair share of challenges.

"Being a musician is a very rewarding job full of different achievements I'm very proud of," she explained.

"However when it comes to juggling being a year 10 student, recording my own music, working for other artists, music lessons, and of course being a teenager, it does get tough.

She thanked her school for stepping in when she needed help.

"My school, Faith Lutheran College, noticed I was struggling at a point, so they cut back my hours at school, and have helped in many different ways which I am extremely grateful for.

"Whilst attending school less than the average student (one day less) I have still managed to maintain excellent grades, and taking on year 11 music at the same time.

"This gives me more time to focus on my career and hopefully make my dreams a success."

The winner of the Carclew Creative Achievement Award will be named later this year.