Daniel Rosenzweig enters 2020 Tour Down Under race challenge

Daniel Rosenzweig lives a healthy part of his existence behind the handlebars of his road bike and he's not alone.

On Friday, January 24, the Tanunda resident will set out with a few thousand other amateur cyclists from Australia to tackle the Tour Down Under Westpac Challenge as part of Stage 4 of the men's race.

"It's a good chance to get together with mates and challenge myself," he said.

Entering his third TDU race, this year he has signed up for the 162 km route which starts at The Parade in Norwood before making its way into Williamstown and Mount Torrens, and finishing in Murray Bridge.

And believe it or not he will probably ride back to his mate's home in Prospect.

Clad in his lycra and the official Westpac TDU jersey, Daniel will rely on his Bottecchia bike and likely consume bananas, nuts and dates, plus gels, to fuel his body.

Depending on the temperature, will drink in excess of six litres of fluid.

"I will also probably just keeping cranking along on the day enjoying the company of my two mates, and other entrants, and the atmosphere of the event," he explained.

With a training regime of about 80km per week, Daniel shared how he was coerced into the challenge a few years back by his long-time friends from Prospect and The Adelaide Hills.

However, he was an avid rider as a teenager, having ridden from Alice Springs to Adelaide to assist Bikes for Bibles, and touring Canada.

These days the tradesman also joins the Barossa.com riding group each Saturday for a planned route of the region.

This year's TDU challenge will involve different start locations including - Williamstown 110km, Mount Torrens 78km and Mannum 33km - to cater for a variety of riding levels. The Santos Tour Down Under will be staged January 16-26.