Getting everything sorted for a new decade | Trending

Getting everything sorted for a new decade | Trending

Start the year with the best of intentions and establish a place for all your stuff.

A5 spiral daily planning journal, $9.99. There's something cathartic about jotting down your plans for the day. Part of a newly designed range that's as cute as it is helpful.

Good to Go glass and bamboo containers, from $14.95. Let's all make a conscientious effort to minimise household waste this year, starting by storing your holiday leftovers and repurposing them into a new meal.

Coin purse, $20. Perfect not just for money, but hairbands, wireless earphones, and all those other little things that often get lost in the bottom of your bag.

Bag organiser insert, $49.95. Storage with multiple compartments in numerous sizes can be a godsend for those on a mission to be more organised.

Joseph Joseph podium five-piece container set, $109.95. Each container has a lid with an airtight silicone seal, easy-pour corners and a base that sits securely on the stand.

Linea by Jim Hannon-Tan, from $97.90. Handy for the office, the kitchen or the bathroom, thanks to the design which allows for custom configurations in length, height, and layout.

Tab S6, from $1099. Comes with a special pen so you can take notes and transfer them to texts instantly. You can also have multiple apps open on the screen at the same time for productivity, and when you pair the tab with a keyboard, you can use DeX mode to use it like a laptop.