Your letters to the Editor, December 2019

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Photo: File

Look after our birds and bees

If you want to do something really nice for your neighbourhood and yourself, put some water in your garden for the birds, bees and other wildlife.

It can be a large pedestal bird bath, an old casserole dish or a plastic meat tray - they are not fussy, as long as there is clean water in it.

Place a rock in the water for the bees to land on as they drown easily.

Some of the water stations that I look after are used entirely by bees only and I am always astonished at how much water they use in a day.

It is good to check the levels daily, and the more containers you have around the place, the better.

They can even be placed on your nature strip in a sheltered area, on your neighbour's nature strip (with their permission), or at your local reserve, park, cemetery or playground area.

Maybe near your place of work...the possibilities are endless and there is no such thing as too many.

If you can do this small act of kindness your local area will become a small haven for local wildlife.

Helen Reid, Tanunda

Shame on him

So Minister Knoll, the "boy" who likes to play with toys like driverless buses, is still refusing to contribute $300000 to the heritage 'Overland' essential train service.

In my opinion, this shows no care or empathy for seniors, pensioners, people prone to DVT, young backpackers, rail enthusiast tourists, people with walking frames, wheelchairs and guide dogs.

It is therefore also my view that this is age and disabled discrimination on a grand scale?

Where is the Commissioner on this?

How can this man sleep at night, when the government has seen fit to subsidise the horse racing industry to the tune of $24 million?

Seems some subsidies are more equal and more important than others?

Shame on this cold, hard bunch of economic rationalists, who in the opinion of a growing number of disgruntled voters, will be a one-term government?

Alex Hodges and Ray Linkevics, Birdwood

Drive advertising feature concerns

Your article 'Time To Hit The Road Safely' (Drive Advertising Feature 4 December 2019) gives some excellent and timely advice on how to make our cars safe before setting out on our summer holidays.

However, as our cars will not be leaving Australia the accompanying photograph of a left-hand drive car in a right-hand traffic country is irrelevant to the article.

Also this car is not being driven very safely.

The driver has only one hand on the steering wheel, his right arm is wrapped around the shoulder of his lady passenger.

The passenger is waving her arms excitedly in the air suggesting that the vehicle is travelling at high speed.

They are fast approaching a sharp left-hand bend which, if not handled appropriately, could see them careering off the road and down the hill on their right-hand side.

Last, but not least, they are not wearing seat belts.

I am sure that neither the RAC nor the NRMA would like to be associated with a photo showing such unsafe driving.

Derek Kell, Gawler

Tour amazing

Is it that the Tour Down Under and the SA State Government have learnt nothing?

How on earth can they appoint Stuart O'Grady to head up the TDU after he admitted to doping at the 1998 Tour de France?

Obviously, drug offences hold more weight in the Barossa Valley, where they removed the name of Jack Bobridge from the bicycle track after he was found guilty of drug offences.

The cycling world just gets more amazing, day by day.

Rumour has it that O'Grady was only second choice, they first offered it to Lance Armstrong but his asking price was too high.

Rick Drewer, Gawler East