Williamstown Garden Club October report

This month we had the pleasure of visiting the Kersbrook Garden Club who were kind enough to show us around some wonderful gardens belonging to their members.

Our first port of call was to a property near Forreston belonging to Marie and Michael Phillis.

Set back a bit from the road and with good elevation, their house had a lovely front garden with a wonderful show of roses and irises in bloom.

As a means of keeping out kangaroos, rabbits, birds etc., Michael constructed covered garden beds for their fruit trees, vegetable garden and chook yard.

Property number two was in Kersbrook and belonged to Cathy and Chris Malloy.

A delightful garden, lots of colour and variety and beautifully laid out.

They had only been living there a few years and although they had replaced the original old house with a new one, kept as many of the original trees as they could.

In fact, they managed to keep some very old camellia trees at the front of their house.

The club's final visit was to the property of Margaret and Brian Hautops, also in Kersbrook.

After a wonderful afternoon tea provided by our hosts, we took the opportunity to wander around their quite large property, taking in the dam, lovely spread out gardens, and closer to the house, a wonderful show of roses.

No formal meeting was held in November.

The next meeting is December 2 and begins at 12pm, and it will be a Christmas lunch with everyone bringing either a salad or sweet dish.

For further information, please contact on Pat 0421 348 148.