Barossa Regional Gallery opens to artist Maria Holst Salomonsen

Divergence is a new exhibition which joins Barossa Regional Art Gallery. Photo: Supplied

Divergence is a new exhibition which joins Barossa Regional Art Gallery. Photo: Supplied

Divergence, the latest exhibition at the Barossa Regional Gallery by textile artist Maria Holst Salomonsen, will explore topical environmental issues.

"The title for my exhibition reflects...that if humans want to survive and thrives as a species, we have to start moving with our eyes to the future and not continue in the direction of complacency," Ms Holst Salomonsen said.

Using natural textiles such as wool, silk and plant dyes, along with recycled materials such as cattle wire, Divergence explores drought, climate change, over population, refugee movement, poverty, agricultural production and food security.

"The growing tendency to streamline and make everything homogeneous is troubling, if we are not careful we will lose the difference and diversity that exists not only in nature, between people, and in our world of thoughts and ideas," she said.

Ms Holst Salomonsen acknowledges as an individual trying to process the issues presented can be overwhelming, but urges viewers to consider the metaphors.

"I strongly believe that we can all make a live together in harmony, individuals working together".

Divergence is the result of a Country Arts SA support professional development opportunity which enabled the artist to attend a six-day masterclass in Adelaide with international felt artist Yekaterina (Katia) Mokeyeva.

Through the masterclass Ms Holst Salomonsen was able to extend her skills and create pieces for the exhibition, supported by the Burra Regional Art Gallery and the Barossa Regional Gallery.

Divergence will launch Friday, October 4 from 5.30pm at the Barossa Regional Gallery, Basedow Road, Tanunda, and remain on show from 11am-4pm daily until December 9.

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