Williamstown Garden Club host second meeting in September

This month Williamstown Garden Club hosted two meetings, the second one on September 16 saw members visit three Williamstown properties.

Members were lucky with the weather, which at the start of the tour looked quite threatening but turned out a sunny, if not a cool afternoon.

The group was also joined by the Kersbrook Garden Club and the first port of call was to the property of Lucy Roberts.

Perched on the side of a hill with a wonderful view, Lucy's house dates back to somewhere between 1894-1931.

Lucy and her husband have quite a few acres and use the land for the agistment of cattle and flower growing.

In the short time they have lived on the property they have done a lot of work in the gardens which would not be easy due to the steepness of the property.

The clubs then moved on to the home of Tricia Sloper, viewing what she has achieved in a more suburban Williamstown property.

A wonderful frontage, well planned out with the potential for lots of colour as the season moves along and in her back yard, fruit trees, vegetable and strawberry beds, and again a lot of flowering plants for shade and colour.

The third stop was a very old property in the town belonging to Liz Ninnes.

Liz's backyard is a delight for young and old.

Shade for the back of the house is provided by a 150-year-old wisteria which was just starting to flower and alongside it, also providing shade, a magnificent magnolia tree.

A long yard with beautifully laid out gardens beds and designed for living in and enjoying.

Liz was kind enough to put the kettle on for all of us and we sat around the fire enjoying a lovely scene while tucking in to a great spread provided by Williamstown Garden Club.

The next meeting will be held on November 4 and members will be visiting Kersbrook Garden Club.

Members are asked to meet at the Church by 1pm for car pooling.

Enquiries to Pat on 0421 348 148.