Gawler History Team next host talk centred on 150 years of Tod Street Methodist Church

Photo: File
Photo: File

Sixty members and guests of Gawler History Team recently appreciated an informative address made by Adrian Shackley last week which embraced the subject of Flora and Fauna in Gawler pre 1839.

Mr Schakely's comprehensive presentation was impressive and he was thanked for the time he expended to ensure that all the aspects were covered.

The video of his address will be uploaded into the 'videos' section of

The team further thanked Dr Darren Peacock, SA National Trust chief executive officer, for alerting members of the problem that Town of Gawler Council is confronting which relates to Gawler's 600-plus Contributory Houses and Buildings within our Development Plan.

Dr Peacock's short address was recorded and that video will also be loaded.

"We who love Gawler's history and Heritage should make every effort to understand the issue, be concerned, and give our support to those who are striving for the best possible outcome for our State Heritage," Gawler History Team chairman Brian Thom said.

This whole issue will be addressed at a meeting at the Norwood Town Hall at 6pm on Wednesday, September 18.

October 3 is the history team's annual general meeting.

"If you would like to become a member of our executive meeting, held on the Thursday of each month...your nomination should be advised to me by the evening of Wednesday, October 2," Mr Thom shared.

Mr Thom is pleased that he already has one nomination and looks forward to the team expanding to the number on the executive team from seven to eight.

Reminders include Saturday, November 2, 9am-1pm, is the Village Fair and Gawler History Team intends to have a stall there at Pioneer Park; shared with GEHA, Gawler National Trust and Gawler Oral History Group.

Please let Mr Thom know if you can spare an hour or two at the stall.

Thursday, December 5 is the team's yearly 'Show and Tell' end of year social night.

"Please work out what you have that you can show to us, and, within the allocated minute; tell us all about it."

"We have had a great response in the past. There will be Pizzas and a free wine tasting on the night, as usual.

On the Gawler Civic Centre Café wall, 1000-plus of our historic Gawler photos are being displayed to the delight of many.

"If you haven't been in this great new Civic Centre, I urge you to see these photos, see the two historic maps in the Reading Room that the team has lent the council, and see the wonderful 'Into the Light' exhibition which was compiled by Denise Schumann.

"I also recommend the one hour guided tour - Tuesdays, 10am, Thursdays, 3pm and Saturdays, 10am, starting from the Café."

"I thank Mayor Karen Redman for allowing us to show the 55-minute video created by Neil Jacobs (Church Hill Photography) on the installation of 'The Hand' in Pioneer Park on November 11, 2018.

"This was a very special Gawler event which needed to be recorded for posterity. Go to the 'videos' section of

The Gawler History Team look forward on October 3 to David Taplin's address on the 150 years of Tod Street Methodist Church.

"This should be of great interest and ask your friends and relations to email or phone me if they want to reserve a seat," Mr Thom added.

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