The Barossa Wine Cellar's special preview opening

Foresight, dedication and patience has resulted in Barons of Barossa softly unveiling their most ambitious and near completed wine project this week - The Barossa Wine Cellar.

A special preview of the state-of-the-art wine museum off Stockwell Road, Vine Vale, was hosted on Tuesday evening ahead of a second event scheduled later this year.

Doors to the $4.5 million environmentally sustainable investment opened to the region's who's who of wine and related industries.

It further welcomed donors, including regional growers, wineries, businesses, individuals and families, and wine enthusiasts from further afield who have thrown significant support behind the initiative, first conceived by the Barons in 2011.

Barossa Cellar Committee chairman James Wark highlighted how the concept of a regional wine museum is both unique and exciting.

"The Barossa Cellar is also an important community project that will benefit the Barossa for generations to come."

While there is still work to be done to complete the cellar, located on a 2.9 hectare patch of land, the committee firmly believes it will also become globally recognised.

"It will position the Barossa and Eden Valley as world-class regions of distinction through a commitment to wine education and the promotion of wine, viticulture, gastronomy, heritage and art," Mr Wark said.

He shared how it was important for the committee to have provided their valued supporters the opportunity to take a sneak peek inside the building.

Invited guests included a generous list of Barossa wine doyens, with state Ministers Tim Whetstone and Stephan Knoll also in attendance.

So what does the impressive investment mean for the community?

As continually reiterated by The Barossa Cellar Committee, comprising select Barons, the museum serves three main purposes:

  • Provide a regional centre for the Barossa wine community, including the day-to-day operation of the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA)
  • Educate the global wine community about Barossa wine and promote brand Barossa
  • Cellar a magnificent collection of fine wines generously donated by Barossa wineries

And, as made public by the committee since its inception, The Barossa Cellar will not open as a cellar door or as a function centre.

However, it will open on a non-commercial basis.

Building's design

A section of infrastructure has been built into the hillside to accommodate an impressive wine vault and provide optimum cellar conditions to age, store and exhibit the region's first-ever significant collection of Barossa and Eden Valley wines.

So far 2000 bottles of museum wines have been generously donated by Barossa wineries. The wine collection further includes up to 2000 dozen of Barons' bottled wine.

"The wine collection is a time capsule of Barossa wines that will be accessed by Barons of Barossa and the BGWA for educational and promotional purposes," Mr Wark explained.

The building's middle section will offer a range of spaces designed to hosting educational events, such as master classes, lectures and tastings.

Barossa Grape and Wine Association staff will take up a section of meeting and office space for their day-to-day operations, plus facilitate networking and collaboration among like-minded wine community groups and organisations.

A commercial kitchen has been added to support hosted meetings and events.


Meanwhile, the committee shared how The Barossa Cellar will not operate for profit.

It will also not compete with the community's existing wine offerings, be available for hire as a function centre or be a visitor information centre.

It's long list of offerings include:

  • Be a 'must do' experience for discerning wine consumers and collectors from all over the world, providing them with knowledge, education and opportunities to develop their understanding and appreciation of Barossa wine.
  • Offer wine tastings, seminars, master classes and insights into wine ageing, collection and storage practices.
  • Be a hub for the Barossa's grape and wine community decision makers, in particular the BGWA.

Barons of Barossa

Barons of Barossa Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association and was founded in 1975.

The Barossa Cellar is a project initiated by the Barons who will own the building, but operate it on behalf of and for the benefit of the Barossa.

For full details of The Barossa Cellar visit