Winter's elements brushed off by hockey players

Winter certainly isn't done with us yet and that will make for an interesting climate adjustment when it becomes stinking hot and windy on the Big Day in a few short weeks now.

With brass monkeys and a boat filled with an assortment of animals floating down the Stocky Creek, it was definitely a chilly weekend to be out swinging the timber and chasing the little white round thing around.

Weather aside, the hockey action was hot and humid on the Home of Hockey turf and the Great Southern Stand.

Under 13s

The U13's game on Friday dodged the hail and rain by a matter of minutes and Trinity cemented why they are top of the ladder with a solid win over Tanunda in a very good game.

The equal top on the ladder, Tanunda, beat AMU so the tussle for top spot continues, but either way the top two and double chance are booked in.

Nuri Gold took the honours over the younger Trinity team and Gawler took the points over Nuri for the final game for the round.

With the last round to go, the top 3 are sealed here but the last spot is still live with the last game being the decider; and both 4 & 5 have tough games for the final round. My chalk board is very squeaky with permutations.

Under 16s

The U16's had a very exciting round with a couple of the local superstars gone for State commitments and a couple of the local superstars stayed in their respective teams to upset some apple carts, as it were.

Gawler stepped up and put the wood over Nuri to seal a win. They move to just outside the four with a chance for next week.

The Black Tanunda team beat AMU in another massive upset and stepped into the top four; whilst My Stripey Mates from Up North held their fortress against Tanunda White.

This means that the top four are very live and it all comes down to the final round and final game for the top four to be sealed.

Very exciting stuff, indeed, to borrow a phrase from the great man himself, Ritchie Benaud.

I'm as excited as a pig in mud for the last round of the juniors, for the future of the association is in safe hands with some of the stars coming through the ranks and some very passionate youngsters in the midst of the body of players.

It's awesome to see the success of programs like the Green Shirts, teaching and promoting umpiring.

Those sort of things happen because people make the time to make it happen and fully support the young 'uns as they put their hands up to try these things.