Williamstown Garden Club tour Trinity College grounds and farm

Williamstown Garden Club's August meeting saw members visit Trinity College, Gawler, where they were given a tour of the grounds and farm garden.

Tour guide Stephen Clayton walked members through the school grounds sharing details about the college's history.

As members walked across Waldeck Oval, it was explained how it was maintained, to look as good as it does when it sees so much activity, and how they watered it using mostly rain water from their tanks.

The tanks also fed into a dam so they had a very good water system in place.

The walk took members past the chapel with a memorial rose garden and then on to an area where the students could study viticulture.

Members viewed the grape vines and the building where they learned to make wine.

Some of the students were working in the garden when members arrived at the farm garden; planting winter vegetables.

Nearby were chickens, goats and a few cattle.

It was a wonderful scene for members.

It was obvious the animals were very comfortable with human attention because when members stopped at the chickens, they could hardly hear what Mr Clayton was saying as they came up to the fence and made quite a racket gradually getting louder and obviously expecting something.

There seemed to be much on offer at the college for students and a beautiful environment in which to learn.

There also seemed to be many areas of natural vegetation retained to meet these needs.

It was a very enjoyable tour and members finished off with afternoon tea at the pavilion.

Birthdays for the month were Bill Hodgson, Felicity Georgiou, Jan Bransbury, Kim Hensleigh and Peter Griffiths.

The topic of our next meeting on September 2 will be with Winnamirra Care on 'aged care and gardening'.

The competition will be pumpkins.

Enquiries to Pat 0421 348 148.