Town of Gawler Mayor Karen Redman shares her thoughts

Town of Gawler Mayor Karen Redman is a regular Barossa Herald columnist.

Town of Gawler Mayor Karen Redman is a regular Barossa Herald columnist.

Being in a leadership role is both challenging and rewarding.

We often talk about this term 'leadership' yet it is, at times, poorly understood.

Programs that mentor people in leadership can be really useful in understanding not only these roles, but whether being a leader is the best way forward for that individual.

One such program is the Young Women's Leadership Program that I've been involved with here in Gawler.

With a community focus, young women aged between eighteen and thirty five gain access to wise women, or mentors, for an extended period.

This informal one on one program is centred around the young woman and grounded in a supportive model.

With careful advice, the participants learn skills ranging from social networking, public speaking, presentation, and importantly, how to take risks to achieve success.

Building confidence is another element to this grassroots program.

Even the most experienced leader may have doubts about their abilities.

Imposter syndrome is a term used to describe this feeling of self doubt and lack of confidence in what you are doing, be it your job, or indeed leadership.

It can be quite an unpleasant feeling but with effective support and wise mentoring in programs such as the Young Women's Leadership Program, success is assured no matter where you are along your leadership journey.