Kapunda Liberals welcome Tony Pasin

Kapunda Liberal Branch Secretary/Treasurer Susan Shannon, Member for Barker Tony Pasin and Branch President Anne Hornsey at their recent Branch Dinner. Photo: Supplied.
Kapunda Liberal Branch Secretary/Treasurer Susan Shannon, Member for Barker Tony Pasin and Branch President Anne Hornsey at their recent Branch Dinner. Photo: Supplied.

Mr Tony Pasin, the Member for Barker in the Federal Parliament, was warmly welcomed at a recent Kapunda Liberal Branch Dinner.

Mr Pasin spoke on the Federal Election held in May, where the Liberal Party retained the faith of the Australian people and were re-elected to govern the nation for the next three years.

Mr Pasin commented that with South Australia also in the hands of a Liberal government, the immediate future of our State looked very positive as both governments have contributed towards a good relationship implementing policies of benefit to South Australia.

Said Mr Pasin, "Even though we are entering a third term of a Liberal government, the mood is very buoyant, and it actually feels like the first term of a new government, with a new Prime Minister and many new members taking their seats in this parliament".

In travelling around meeting with members of his electorate, Mr Pasin has found that many issues of concern to the people of Barker revolve around "connectivity" and the need for rural areas to be adequately serviced in the areas of roads, telecommunications, business networking and health care outcomes.

"In South Australia the Marshall government is methodically working its way through a huge backlog of infrastructure challenges that it inherited after 16 years of a Labor government, with a lot of catching up to do," Mr Pasin told the group.

"This will mean more money will need to come from the Federal government in joint Federal/State partnerships."

Mr Pasin stated that the approach to Australian Agriculture will also continue to change and provide challenges for those involved in the industry.

To help with this long-term approach, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has requested the Member for Barker to Chair a House of Representatives Select Committee on boosting the size and scale of the agriculture, fisheries and forestry industry.

Mr Pasin will be in charge of a committee examining the future needs of rural and regional economies.

The Prime Minister wants national primary production in the industries to grow from $60 billion to $100 billion by 2030.

Mr Pasin said that rural and regional Australia is at the heart of the nation.

"As a home grown, South Australia rural MP I'm passionate about our nation's regions and what they deliver to the Australian economy," he said.

"Our economy was built on the back of primary production and our regions continue to punch above their weight.

"I know there are some great success stories out there, even in the tough times of drought. We have a lot to celebrate and an exciting future for the industry.

"I want to see this Select Committee bring together the stories and experience of how regional economies are diversifying, how regional industries are finding their way, and how regional communities are boosting their resilience and working together to secure their future" Mr Pasin said.

Those present were given the opportunity to question Mr Pasin on a variety of topics, including proposed alterations and amendments to the Australian Constitution, including challenges to religious freedoms, citizenship issues and unbridled bias of some broadcasters and media outlets.