Mayor steps outside his comfort zone

Light Regional Council Mayor Bill O'Brien. Photo: Supplied

Light Regional Council Mayor Bill O'Brien. Photo: Supplied

Apart from my RAAF days, travelling overseas for a holiday or any reason at all was a subject I never gave much thought too, in fact was very reluctant to even talk about it.

I was a homebody and in my comfort zone enjoying where I was and the reasons.

I would always make excuses whenever the opportunity presented its self.

My world changed dramatically last year when I was convinced that a trip to Europe and on to London to see my son Paul who lives there was a good idea.

Twelve months later we are back again, and apart from the cost, I found that there's no 'scary monster' out there, in fact I'm really kicking myself for being in complete denial of overseas travel for so long.

It's a big wide world out there and although we probably all love Australia and like me, yearn to travel around this great continent, we should spare some time to consider so many other fascinating life experiences that overseas travel has to offer.

It's interesting to note that as we get older, many of us become what are affectionately known as 'Grey Nomads' and certainly prepared to take the risks involved travelling the outback and other far away places.

So why then are so many of us not prepared to take similar or even less risks involved in overseas travel?

Well I couldn't answer this question and although a somewhat daunting thought, I took a good look at myself as a typical example and decided I needed to put aside the excuses, find a new me, and give it a go....

So Europe here we come. The main ingredients required are good company, a passport, travel tickets and a travel plan (and a pocket full of cash) along with a positive attitude.

It certainly is an amazing world out there to explore and enjoy the many unique and very special experiences on offer that we keep forever...Overseas travel has never been easier and more exciting and it's not that scary...These are my thoughts only and I'm probably preaching to the converted.