Pitch perfect: Trinity's turf

I sit in my cosy settee by the fireplace and sip on a spot of PL's finest Superjuice and contemplate the busy-ness of life for unretired people.

Do this, do that, be here at 8; be there at 1500 to pick up the kids and run them to their ballet sessions, Tae Kwondo and, of course, The Best Sport in the World.

Whilst I potter in to do my volunteering for local council; planting the odd tree here and tidying there, it's certainly not as stressful as the days when Johnny, Bart and The Two Splendid Moustachios were straining against the brine to complete a haulage of whatever cargo was needed most at the time.

There is certainly something to be said for the retired life. Mind you - it's not all PL's and kegeling by a long chalk.

I'm going to have to keep an old weathereye open more so again now that the 'Home of Hockey' has a rival in the newcomer of the Trinity Turf.

This is the new home ground of Gawler and Trinity and whilst I'm not privy to the inner circle of the BVHA and their grand plans for the shape and future of local hockey; I'm certain that this can only mean a small step for an U11 and a giant leap for an U16 trying to get out of the way of an angry senior's clearance ball.

The only thing I'm actually truly certain of is that the aforementioned U16 actually did step on the deep green of the new hallowed turf and I'm not quite so certain the same thing could be said of Neil on his supposed new but albeit grey turf many a long year ago now.

And when the lights get switched on the shadows may tell an interesting story in the deep night, in both of the above scenarios.

In the U13's, Trinity had the derby to kick their new turf real usage off and a big score to boot. Nuri Gold played AMU on Friday night and came away with the points; Tanunda Black eeked out a win over Nuri Green and Tanunda White had a convincing win over their Gawler opponents.

Not much of any concern changes the scene in this grade with these results.

In the U16's we saw the Redlegs take on the Black piebalds on the new pitch and wrestle out to a point apiece; whilst My Stripey Mates took the day off and the points over the parrots who couldn't squawk up a team to make the trek.

The younger beady-eyed ones took a while to steady against the canaries but the canaries took flight and the points with them. These results see a leadership change in the top and keeps the Legs within striking distance of the four, so a pretty interesting result overall.

There are some interesting results shaping up in nearly every grade. In the meantime, we will groom our enthusiasm for the second turf pitch and watch with interest how this investment plays out.