Williamstown Garden Club host succulent competition

Guest Speaker, Sue Russell who kindly judged Williamstown Garden Club's succulent competition. Photo: Supplied

Guest Speaker, Sue Russell who kindly judged Williamstown Garden Club's succulent competition. Photo: Supplied

At Williamstown Garden Club's July meeting members were fortunate to have as our guest speaker Sue Russell who talked about Cochlear implants.

Mrs Russell, a Baby Boomer, shared how she had lost her hearing at a very young age due to illness and had relied largely on lip reading to get by.

It wasn't until 2005 that she was able to have a cochlear implant which made a significant difference to her life.

Things most of us take for granted such as the sound of autumn leaves crunching under our feet, the sound of rain, bird calls - she could now hear.

Back in 1978, assisted by Dr Brian Pyman, Professor Graeme Clark successfully performed the word's first cochlear implant operation in Melbourne and Mrs Russell mentioned that he is now working on a bionic eye.

Cochlear implants have improved a lot over time, members were told.

These days they are much more compact and can in fact be managed with the aid of an app on your mobile phone.

She did mention that there are a few minor drawbacks such as trying to avoid getting your head wet if caught in the rain, the difficulties of security at airports and not being able to have an MRI.

The benefits though to children and adults of finally being able to hear are undoubtedly beyond wonderful she shared.

The competition this month was 'Succulents'.

Winner was Connie Hodgson with an interesting arrangement of succulents.

Plant of the month: Snail Vine. Thanks was extended to Peter Griffiths for bringing this plant to members' attention.

It's fragrant flowers start out white but turn lilac as they blossom out into little snail-shaped blooms. The interesting thing about the snail vine is that it is pollinated by ants. It is a quick grower in summer (good for covering a vast fence), thrives in the heat and is not fussy about soil type.

Birthdays for the month: Dianne Smedley, Pru Hart, Pam Cross, Lexley Reinke and Eve Searle.

The next meeting on August 5 is a visit to Trinity College, Gawler which will consist of a tour of the gardens and farm followed by afternoon tea. Meet at the Church Hall to car pool (departing at 1pm) or if you wish to go directly there, meet at the College car park at 1:30pm (the car park, which is near Waldeck oval is accessed by Greening Drive).

For details, phone Pat 0421 348 148.