Plan in motion to support South Australian jetties

The sun sets over the Robe jetty, in the State's South East.
The sun sets over the Robe jetty, in the State's South East.

Jetties across South Australia will be put in the spotlight through a new strategic plan which will focus on priority investments and upgrading as well as the future management and maintenance of the structures.

There will be a tender process by the State Government for development of the plan, which should be completed by the end of the year.

Minister for Infrastructure Stephan Knoll said jetties were an important part of regional communities.

"Jetties support recreational and commercial activities for locals, as well as attract tourists," Mr Knoll said.

"It's these activities and tourism benefits that provides an economic boost for regional communities.

"In many cases a commercial or recreational jetty can be the lifeblood of a regional community."

He said the government wanted a plan to help guide the future of the structures.

"We want to assess the economic and community benefits, as well as usage of our jetties," Mr Knoll said.

"It will assist us in understanding which jetties should be a priority for investment and guide future decisions including upgrades.

"The consultant will also be required to consult with key stakeholders including the local government sector, and key commercial and recreational fishing industry representatives.

"Given the overlap between councils and state government responsibility when it comes to jetties, we want to continue to work closely with the local government sector who represent their communities.

The government is currently responsible for 33 recreational, commercial and closed jetties across the state while councils, through agreements, are responsible for another 35.

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