Nuriootpa High School perform 'Shrek The Musical'

Be sure to grab tickets for the most magical production to hit the Barossa in June.

Be sure to grab tickets for the most magical production to hit the Barossa in June.

With another big musical taking shape in the region, Barossa Herald work experience student Dylan Conway sat down with two of his drama teachers to share his high school's latest production 'Shrek the Musical'.

Why did you choose Shrek?

"Because it's fun," both co-producers Sue Clark and Anne-Marie Reichstein said.

"It's actually challenging to pick a musical for everyone of all ages to enjoy and to also have access to all the necessary music and costumes," Ms Reichstein said.

Did you know? The co-producers began working on the school's biennial production past 18-months ago.

This is due to gaining copyright of the musical, establishing a cast and crew, arranging costumes, choreography and sets.

For those who may be unaware, the scene is set in a mythical 'once upon a time' land with Shrek, a large green ogre, who wants to live alone in a swamp.

However, his world is turned upside down by a band of homeless fairy tale characters pleading for his help.

The cast of 54 members includes year 12 student Angus Eddowes, who plays Shrek and Ezra Radke, as the comical and talking Donkey, with year 11 student Tayla Morton as Princess Fiona.

"We are so incredibly proud of all these students," Ms Reichstein said.

Ms Clark shared how the musical's story line has been an enriching and rewarding experience for both the students and teachers.

She referred to students taking ownership of the musical from the cast through to the crew.

Ms Clark is particularly impressed with the bond created among the students from years 8-12 creating strong relationships.

Yet the best part for the co-producers they are keen to share with audiences involves the 'Freak Flag' song which comes near the end of the musical.

They explained how it reinforces acceptance in life with Pinocchio saying, 'I'm good, get over it; it's about what makes you good and strong and that everyone is beautiful'.

For the teachers, this message seals why they chose this musical because they wanted students to accept each other for who they are.

The production further involves a 26-piece band made up of school students and community members, headed by musical director Sonia Samain.

The majority of costumes have been sourced from other schools and lovingly altered by senior school administrator Tennille Burgess who has waved her magic wand bringing them to life.

The drama teachers owe much of their thanks to choreographer Alex Hoffmann and again to Mrs Burgess who also supports front of house, the programs and more.

The mythical production, suitable for families, heads into the Barossa Arts and Convention Centre, Tanunda, from June 20-22.