Bright light spotted in the Barossa

File photo.
File photo.

The South Australian public, including residents in the Barossa, lit up social media late Tuesday evening, May 21, after witnessing what they best described as a "fireball" of light shooting across the sky.

The spotted flash of light has since been confirmed as a meteor.

According to the International Meteor Organisation, "the entering asteroid had a size of about 4m!".

That's roughly the size of two grape bins.

The fireball was detected with US government sensors with the velocity reported on their page at 11.5 km/s.

This comes after another meteor was recorded in Central Australia at 12.20am on Monday, May 20, "with a very visible flash that was captured on multiple cameras from Northern Territory".

In the Barossa, Daveyston's Kristi Kalleske was drawn to her lounge room window at about 10.45pm after noticing a "bright orange light".

"Then I saw the huge half sphere of orange fireball," she explained. Ms Kalleske had feared the worst - an explosion at the glass factory, located a few kilometres down the Sturt Highway at Kingsford, from where her family property faces.

"Gave me a fright, never seen anything so bright," she said.

"I was actually worried the glass factory had blown up as it was that kind of direction.

Ms Kalleske further shared how she went outside to listen for sirens or spot flashing lights of emergency vehicles.

It was only when turning to social media she realised what had a occurred.

"Very cool now I know (there was) no harm," she added.

Social media reports also revealed meteor showers had also been witnessed in the state in May.