Letters to the Editor

Public transport concern

I always find it hard to understand when the SA government Minister Knoll reorganises the public transport in Adelaide, when the public transport in our area is no where near suitable, particularly for us older citizens.

An example: as speed cameras in suburban areas of Adelaide are published daily in the Advertiser, Nuriootpa etc. they always appears in the suburban section.

Minister Knoll should have to explain as to why we have to put up with Bus Link, who are terrific picking up school children from schools etc., but as far as a suburban transport they are very inadequate particularly for our older citizens who have commitments in the city but need to drive to Gawler to catch a train that is an efficient service.

I realise that the train to once again go through to Nuri plus is not within the thoughts or thinking of Minister Knoll, but we should have a more efficient system than Bus Link.

Jack Discombe, Nuriootpa

Country SA ultimate underdog

Footy and netball club representatives met on the Eyre Peninsula recently about the future of their local clubs in light of population decline. Across country SA, clubs merge or fold. Some say these blows irreparably damage the town.

We country folk are told population decline is just a 'sign of the times', but that's rubbish. South Australia's country population has declined far more than in other states. Country SA is the ultimate underdog.

We've lost our democratic say with falling population. The more metropolitan seats there are, the more that politics, infrastructure and other spending commitments focus there.

We've lacked that voice in the wilderness crying out for country common sense.

We have great communities, an easygoing, welcoming spirit and an enviable lifestyle.

How wonderful would it be if country people stunned the city pundits and voted strategically to halt the decline?

I'd like to see that.

Rikki Lambert,  Angaston SA, Conservative Party senate candidate


The disgraceful vilification of Israel Folau shows that the left wing is all about minority groups ruling the waves.

It beggars belief that in this free speech democratic country that one can have said speech, as long as it is in agreement with the designated group.

It shows you how far we have slumped when support for free speech is deafening.

The Aussie fighting spirit will soon disappear, due to ridiculous laws, rules and regulations. It is indeed a sad day for all Australians to be muffled as it is our democratic right.

Geoff Bowden, Williamstown

White elephant

Don't know why we have a desalination plant, the $2.2 billion white elephant inherited from the previous incompetent government sits there idle.

Instead we pump from the poor old Murray and low and behold the Warren Reservoir has risen from 70 per cent to 94 per cent in the last month, with the thinking in mind that when we get a flow into the Warren it will spill over and proceed to the South Para, ( which is on off line reservoir), which needs to be reasonably full to feed the Barossa Reservoir and its neighbouring filtration plant. Amazing.

Geoff Bowden, Williamstown

Vaccination - bring it on

How good would it be if we could compel the small, and dare I say, the ignorant, confused and un-educated minority of parents and carers refusing to vaccinate their children, to listen to Professor David Isaacs, a paediatrician at Westmead Hospital, in conversation with Richard Fidler, on the program 'Conversations' on ABC radio, earlier this week.

Professor Isaacs vast knowledge and experience in relation to vaccination and the history of it, expressed clearly and succinctly, should be compulsory listening to all 'anti-vaccers'.

Unfortunately, in this free and democratic country we cannot do that; be it at the risk of the health and well-being of the young and innocent.

His book 'Defeating the Ministers of Death' are the words from a highly qualified, respected clinician, not some unknown US quack, that the anti-vaccination crew regularly pop-up with, attempting to prop-up their ill-informed views.

Rick Drewer, Gawler East

Positive experiences required

As a former sports co-ordinator, obviously encouraging both males and females to play as much sport as possible, participating in healthy exercise, for the good of body and mind, I question the readiness for the BLG W football league, where the senior matches resulted in scores of 109 - 0 and 104 - 0, the U17's 37 - 19 ad the U14's 110-0, 49 -6 and 113 - 7.

None of us will ever experience success and winning all the time, but to be so un-competitive and getting thrashed by those margins is a sure way for young people to lose interest very quickly and eventually to drop-out.

Rick Drewer, Gawler East

Our government

The reworking and execution of the make-over for Scott Morrison attempts to present him as a warm, king of the kids, gender and ethnically inclusive hugging human. This is not supported by his past behaviour. Rather, he has appeared arrogant, dispassionate, divisive, dismissive and opaque in his dealings with the Australian people; this will be his legacy. The sudden outbreak of compassion expressed recently doesn't ring true and appears designed to win over voters with a short memory.

Opaque characterises his government as it seeks to keep as much as possible from voters, many too lethargic to realise that their civil liberties and freedoms are step by step being eroded. Many statutory boards have been quietly stacked with conservative mates, in some cases positions reaffirmed for another term even though their present term has far from expiring. Evidently, about 36 were appointed in the last couple of weeks prior to calling the election. Naming a new regal representative, a Governor General, defence force obviously, so far in advance, and when he may lose government, is a slap in the face for our democratic system and the community at large.

Government attempts to ignore or trivialise any group or organisation that voices concerns re the direction our nation is heading. This is aided by friends in the media, particularly the Murdoch press, the only daily print media available in this state. Attacks on GetUp and the independence of the ABC for daring to refuse to bend to conservative political will is all too prevalent and obvious.

This Coalition government lacks genuine leadership on the environment, not just carbon dioxide emissions, but land clearing, water 'management' and support for other conservation initiatives. Their regular attacks on the independence of the ABC and their failure to adequately fund our national broadcaster are not the actions of a truly inclusive government that welcomes a diversity of views. If you can't bend the ABC to your desired message, then starve it of funds and hope that prevents embarrassing facts being unearthed. Perhaps privatise it as a Liberal Party conference moved recently.

It's not enough to do a whistle stop tour of the country, throwing money in marginal electorates for 'infrastructure' developments. These mainly appear to be roads, and, as found overseas, lead to more traffic, more congestion and the need for even more roads. Better public transport may just be a reasonable answer. Blaming immigration is not the reason for congestion, nor the solution.

I expect scare tactics, lies and half-truths, such as the rabid response to the electric car proposal, along with a few well rehearsed phrases memorised by the ants, and regurgitated at every opportunity. I also expect a 'surprise' visit to troops serving somewhere within Australia or overseas. Also to witness personal attacks on Bill Shorten and union members, a throw-back to the Abbott era, and to experience Scott Morrison bellowing at me rather than talking to me. Should the Coalition retain government, count the minutes before the parties resume all out internal war, again at our nation's expense. The chewing gum holding the 'united' Liberal Party and Coalition parties together can only last so long.

Bill O'Malley, Nuriootpa

The truth about veganism

Rikki Lambert, a Conservative candidate, gives voters no credit for being able to think for themselves and he has a very warped view of veganism.

Vegans refrain from eating, wearing or using animal products because they believe killing other life-loving sentient beings unnecessarily and is cruel and unjustified.

They have no policies regarding climate change or anything else. Whatever views vegans hold on other issues are their own personal views and nothing to do with veganism.

The letter is full of outrageous claims about what animal advocates are bringing to the public's attention - the intrinsic cruelty in intensive factory farming. Family homes are situated far from stinking piggeries and feedlots, so children are not involved.

If these overcrowded, faeces-ridden facilities and feed-lots had "nothing to hide", the brave activists would not be there.

Farmed animals are not covered by the animal welfare Act. Instead, they have only industry-influenced "codes of Practice" that are all about production and profit and nothing about animal protection.

Please take the time to watch the free online documentary Dominion, which has taken dedicated animal lovers years to produce, for clarity and the truth.

Diane Cornelius, Seacliff Park