Barossa Valley Hockey Association May 11 report

Photo: File
Photo: File

The blessing of rain was given to us this week after a very dry spell and the cool weather spilled into the weekend.

This made parents huddle into coats in the wee hours of Saturday morning, wondering why they ever thought that convincing their little'uns to take up a winter sport was a great idea.

That's until they see the joy of the said little'uns run out onto the field of battle, and chase a random bug that happened to fly by while a little white ball is temporarily forgotten.

It takes coaxing for some kids in those conditions and some kids thrive on it.

I personally think that as long as there is a thermos of coffee with a dash of strengthening in it for the ticker nearby, I'll happily watch the grandies play on the rolling deck of a boat in arctic waters.

This old sea-dog would actually encourage that, in truth.

While the hours disappear as quickly as the trouble and strife's coin stash after the game buying the kid's treats at the canteen, I really couldn't wish for a better way to spend that time.

Ah, rain is back; hockey is back and all seems right with the world again.

Looking at the senior comps this week and I'm starting to do the chalk marks on the tote slate in the crowded corner of the Stocky shed.

The a men saw the canaries up against the red collegians - I'll think up a better moniker as time drags on - in a very high-scoring game.

I didn't catch this one as I was watching my beloved Crows emerge victorious. The parrots came up trumps against the piebalds in the earlier game.

The a women saw the Legs rampage against the canaries and the pies triumph over the parrots.

The seconds men's comp is causing me a few heart murmurs and the pacemaker to work for it's money: the old blockies came up over green canaries; the young blockies got up over the Collegians; I see that my stripey mates defended the fortress against the gold canaries at Burra and the young parrots came up totally trumps in the derby.

The ladder for this grade will take a while to settle out properly but there is some serious contention for the top four and this makes me happier than a pig in the proverbial.

The B women saw the pies on a day out against the parrots; backed up with another tense tussle of the collegians over the top of the canaries.

While my chalk is scribbling it is disappearing quicker than the wreckage of a plane in the pentagon.

Don't forget to cast your votes next weekend - easy to forget in the overarching excitement of hockey one, hockey two and whack, but it's your chance to vote for grey power and all the wonderful things they can do for making our afternoon nap time great again.