Historic vehicles on display

More than 40 restored classic and vintage cars will be on display on Sunday May 19 at Pioneer Park thanks to a history month collaboration.

This event, organised jointly by the Gawler Oral History Project and the Gawler Car Club, hosted by the Gawler Community Broadcasting Association (GBA) will be on bet wen 11am and 2pm.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to talk to the owners about the cars and the restoration process.

"We piloted this event last year on a very small scale to test community reaction and our ability to run it," Barry Neylon from the Gawler Oral History Project said.

"The event was actively supported by the Gawler; National Trust, Suicide Prevention Group, History Team, and Gawler Environment and Heritage Association," Mr Neylon continued.

"Without their help the event would not have happened."

"If you are free on the day we would love to see you there."

For those who miss the event, recorded interviews, videos and photographs will be placed on the Gawler Community Broadcasting website.

If you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to call the event coordinator David Ward on 0402 090 865 or Barry Neylon on 0426 204 028.