Gawler Petanque Club's April 14 results

Photo: File
Photo: File

The Gawler Petanque Club met at home at Hallam Drive on Sunday, April 14, and played some excellent games, again in almost perfect weather.

We were also pleased to welcome back Helen Martin after a long absence.

The first games were a singles match between John Ingram and David Willis, David coming out the winner 13 points to six.

At the same time John Gejas and Glenis Head played against Stan Wilson, visitor Claire Rex and Helen Martin. In this situation, three players against two, the three players have two boules each and the two players have three boules each.

This means that there are 12 boules in play, as in a triples game.

There were some very good shots by both teams, and with the score at 7 points to John and Glenis and 5 to the other team, John and Glenis had the chance to score the six points needed to win but could only manage five.

They were eventual winners 13 points to seven.

The next games were between Claire, Mark Reardon and John Gejas versus Stan and David.

This was a game full of catch-ups, with scores being 4-all, 6-all, 8-all and 10-all, however Stan and David managed to score one point, then two points to win the game 13 points to 10.

Another singles game was played between Glenis and Helen. Glenis started by winning one point at the first end, then Helen began scoring one point per end to reach 7 points to Glenis's one.

Glenis fought back to get 3 points at one end, score Glenis 4, Helen 7.

But Helen came back with another point on the next three ends, then Glenis was able to score two points at the next two ends.

With the score at Glenis 8, Helen 10, Helen was the winner by scoring the winning three points over the next two ends.

The final game was played between Glenis, Stan and Claire against Mark and David.

Mark and David were "on fire" and couldn't seem to do anything wrong, scoring four points on each of the first two ends. At 8-0, Glenis and Stan managed 2 points, David and Mark continued with their outstanding pointing and shooting and were winners with 13 points to four.

The club is scheduled to meet on Easter Sunday, at Hallam Drive, Gawler, from 10.15am.

Everyone is welcome to come and try. For more information please contact Stan or Glenis on 0488 910 294 or check out the Gawler Petanque Club Facebook page.