Canaries big day out against the Blockies

Photo: File
Photo: File

It was a day in the sun that seemed to never end - a bit like the line to the chicken soup at the old folk's home. Or the bar at the footy on both camps as die-hard fan wash away the hopes we had for our teams actually achieving something this year with a cup of tepid tap water that is somehow labelled as draught beer.

There will be a short break for Easter and I hope you will all join me at church then a drive to celebrate what it is to be young.

If I knew what that was still like, I would wave my wooden mace in the air like I just don't care.

The canaries firsts had a day out against the blockies and the parrots gave the redleg collegians a quick lesson - both games with big score lines.

Now that vintage is nearly done it will be interesting to see how this shapes up - will players be released to shore up some gaps?

The redleg girls took line honours against the parrots and the canaries twittered over the magpies in the girl's first teams.

In the B men we again have a real competition shaping up.

My stripey mates took honours in a fast game over the old piebalds; the collegians won over the old canaries; the young blockies stood up over the red parrots and I didn't see the final result in the rubber of young canaries against the blue parrots because my Bovril called me away for a quick nap.

I wanted to watch the crows but I wish I hadn't.

This puts the ladder in an interesting situation early on.

The seconds girls squads saw the blockies take the points over my stripey mates; the red leg girls take the honours in their tussle over the canaries in a good game; and the collegians stamping authority early with a win over the parrots.

I like the look of the ladder here as well as it promises some big games as the season progresses.

No game of hockey - and it does pain me to say this, as hockey is metaphorically life itself - is as big as the tussle for the leadership of the country and with all parties pretty much bombarding us with silly ads to show how much they actually don't want the leadership and be blamed for mess this country is in - I'm rubbing my hands with glee.

How many silly statements can the Clive Palmer team actually make in one week?

How many coalition members will cross the floor? Just how much will shorten promise us with no hope of delivery?

Because a $75 hand back for power bills certainly makes up for the $300 increase a year it now costs me to brew my tea and warm these old bones while wondering when the Chinese will bid for my tiny patch of surburbia?

I wait with bated breath.