Williamstown Garden Club members host Barossa Anglican Fr

Barossa Anglican Fr Steven de Kleer kindly provided an informal talk to Williamstown Garden Club members due to unforeseen circumstances with organised arrangements of their March meeting.

Fr de Kleer talked about his travels some years ago in connection with a missionary organisation.

He spent some time in Lesotho, a Kingdom the size of Wales and surrounded by South Africa.

The mountainous land with a dry climate was where he had the opportunity to get to know and provide some assistance to its people.

In addition, members discussed plant for the month of March which was one a lot of members were familiar with, the Kalanchoe or Kal-un-KOH-ee.

There are 125 species of this tropical succulent flowering plant, mainly native to Madagascar and tropical Africa.

A characteristic feature of Kalanchoes is the growth of new cells on the inner sides of the petals, so as to force open the flowers.

Birthdays this month were Lucy Roberts and Connie Hodgson.

The next meeting is April 1 to include a guest speaker from KESAB to talk about recycling, and Peter Griffiths will talk on Cacti.

The competition will be 'handy' recycling hints.

For more details on Williamstown Garden Club contact Pat on 0421 348 148.