My Sweet Pepper Land presented by Barossa Film Club

Barossa Film Club’s screening for March is 'My Sweet Pepper Land', an internationally produced Kurdish language film released in 2013.

Baran, a Kurdish independence war hero, is now sheriff in Erbil, the capital city.

No longer feeling useful in this society now at peace, he thinks about quitting the police force, but instead agrees to be stationed in a small valley, at the very borders of Iran, Turkey, and Iraq.

It is a lawless territory, right at the heart of illegal drug, medication and alcohol trafficking.

Having arrived in the small village, he refuses to bow down to Aga Azzi, the seriously corrupt tribal chief and absolute ruler of the area.

Baran meets Govend, the village school teacher, who is also rejected by the villagers. Like Baran, she represents another law, that of the young and autonomous Kurdish state.

Govend is all the more vulnerable as she is not a married woman.

David Stratton’s comment on the film was, “If you get right down to it Baran represents the new sheriff attempting to bring law and order to an unruly and violent town while dallying with the local schoolmistress. The result is a film of great cultural interest plus suspense and humour.”

'My Sweet Pepper Land' screens on Friday, March 15 at the Faith College Wine Centre.

The annual general meeting for the club will begin at 6.45 pm, followed by a short movie and then the main feature after a break for refreshments.

Entry is free for members, and short or full-year membership is obtainable at the door.

For more details phone president Imelda Carson on 8564 8225