Report into parliament inquiry to examine proposed CFS powers due next month

Photo: File
Photo: File

A parliamentary committee investigation into proposed new powers for the Country Fire Service (CFS) continues within the state with the report due in March this year.

On December 5 2018, the House of Assembly referred the Fire and Emergency Services (miscellaneous) Amendment Bill to a select committee, chaired by Flinders MP Peter Treloar.

The Committee has since been investigating the proposed changes to the existing power of the CFS to direct persons to refrain from activities that may cause a fire.

The inquiry aims to: 

  • Examine Clause 23 – Amendment to Section 82 – Power to Direct; and
  • Give consideration to the views of all relevant stakeholders

Since December the group has held hearings in Port Lincoln, Adelaide and Balaklava with the next meeting to be held in Keith on March 7.

“The Committee has traveled around South Australia discussing the proposed CFS powers with a range of groups, including local governments, primary producers and emergency services officers”, Mr Treloar said.

Mr Treloar said a number of groups had been invited to speak at the hearings.

There will also be an opportunity for individuals to appear before the panel.

“The Committee is eager to hear your views on this important legislation and encourages anyone interested to come along to the hearings and participate," Mr Treloar said. 

"Your views will help to inform the Committee’s recommendations to the South Australian Government”.

The group is due to report back to the state parliament by March 19, 2019.

Further information on the hearing is available from the Committee’s website or contact the committee’s parliamentary officer on 8237 9223.