Truro freight bypass makes the list

A Truro Bypass has been named in Infrastructure Australia’s priority infrastructure initiatives list for 2019.

Infrastructure Australia, the independent statutory body which prioritises and progresses nationally significant infrastructure, listed a bypass of the town of Truro as a "Priority Initiative" last week. 

With the existing road network travelling through the town, High Productivity Vehicles - trucks that often carry three or more large trailers - are not suitable. 

The report says the absence of a fully developed High Productivity Vehicle network is constraining productivity and the realisation of opportunities in the South Australian economy.

A bypass of the town of Truro would improve safety and allow use of High Productivity Vehicles on the highway.

High Productivity Vehicles have the potential to carry over 30% more freight per vehicle, resulting in fewer vehicles required to move the same freight task.

This reduces the costs to transport operators and end users, and reduces the number of heavy vehicles on the road, improving the safety, capacity and efficiency of transport services.

The Truro Bypass initiative is already part of the State Government's 'Globelink' business case that is currently out to tender. 

A $20m investigation into the viability of 'Globelink', which envisions a new corridor for freight movement into and out of Adelaide and a new 24 hour country airport, will require federal funding to get off the ground. 

Infrastructure Australia will need to audit the SA Government's business case before pushing the initiative up its priority list. 

The Sturt Highway is part of the National Land Transport Network, providing the main route between Adelaide and Sydney.

The Infrastructure Priority List is the authoritative list of nationally significant infrastructure investments Australia needs over the next 15 years. The Priority List provides independent, evidence-based advice to governments and industry on the projects that will most benefit Australia’s communities.​