Barossa Vintage Festival Scarecrow Competition Committee create a scarecrows from scratch

Those super keen to get behind this year’s Barossa Vintage Festival Scarecrow Competition but at a loss where to begin – don’t stress because help is at hand.

The Barossa Scarecrow Committee, under the 2019 Barossa Vintage Festival program, has put together six simple steps for you to follow to help turn your idea into a creation for others to enjoy as part of the official Scarecrow Trail.


Build a frame – much like drawing a stick figure – this is a great way to begin. Start by using either planks of wood, rakes, sticks over even poly pipes; using one long piece as the backbone to connect a head and legs and feet. Then choose a smaller piece to create the shoulders/arms. This can all be fastened by using twine, hot glue, nails or a drill and screws.


Your scarecrow will need some clothing, so hunt through the drawers for an old shirt, long sleeved top of dress, depending on your scarecrow’s gender. Dress your scarecrow using the horizontal stick for the arms.

Next, stuff the shirt with either pillows, old quilts, sheets, straw or whatever you can find that resembles the body of your scarecrow. Other filling suggestions include wood chips, rags, leaves, grass. You may want to avoid newspaper due to the affects of wet weather.


Overalls, pants, or stockings work well to create the legs. Fasten the bottom with twine or string, zip ties also work well. If using pants or overalls, be sure to place a hole in the seat for the vertical stick or wood to pass through. Fill out the legs of the overalls/pants using the same stuffing as you used for the top section of your scarecrow. You may want to secure the pants to the top so the belly stays in place. Staples or trying your hand at sewing works well.


Traditionally, the hands and feet involved straw sticking from the sleeves, however you can make yours more realistic using gloves such as gardening gloves and fill them with what you have been using for the body. Again use twine, string, hot glue, etc to fasten the gloves to the cuffs or dress sleeves. Feet look great when using old shoes or boots, you may want to hot glue the the legs into the shoes for this step.


The fun part is making the head. Use a pillow, small shopping bag, a sports ball, large milk container, small bucket, ice-cream container or become more creative and papier-mâché the head. Once created, insert your scarecrow head onto the vertical pole which is the neck of the scarecrow. Push until the top of the pole is at the top of the pillowcase/ bag, right through the straw. Secure using twine and wire to avoid movement in the wind.


Now for the finishing touches. Give your scarecrow personality with facial features and this is when you can decided to make your scarecrow come alive. You can use a number of materials for the face such as permanent markers, which don’t fade as easily, or materials such as felt, pipe cleaners, buttons for eyes and attach by using a hot glue gun.

To further enhance your scarecrow, consider hair, such as a wig or old mop and be sure to raid the cupboards for old accessories such as glasses, hats, belts, scarves. If you are really dressing up your scarecrow consider hair accessories and a bit of bling.

And there you have yourself a homemade scarecrow. 

The Scarecrow Competition Committee recommend to not stress over making the scarecrow neat and perfect, just appealing with personality and importantly have fun.

Remember, now is the time to register your scarecrow to be included in the scarecrow trail and be in the running for prize categories. For more details visits,

Presenting partners of the competition are Tim Smith Wines, Homburg Real Estate and Barossa Herald.

2019 Barossa Vintage Festival Scarecrow Competition logo.

2019 Barossa Vintage Festival Scarecrow Competition logo.