Dean Tighe triumphs as the 2018 SA Hillclimb Champion

Queensland’s Dean Tighe in his loud and spectacular Dallara Judd 4 fulfilled a long-held ambition and became SA Hillclimb Champion in a time of 28.46 secs on Sunday at Collingrove.

Angaston’s David Mahon second in his Ninja GA 7 was fastest during most of the competition, his best time 28.83 secs.

Derek Foster, from Meadows, was third in his White Suzuki with a time of 28.97 secs in this very close and exciting competition.

The CAMS City Discount Tyres Nailsworth 2018 South Australian Hillclimb Championship top ten times for the entire competition were run by the following drivers:

  • Dean Tighe 28.46 secs
  • David Mahon 28.83 secs
  • Derek Foster 28.97 secs
  • Alan Foley 29.45 secs
  • Allan Foster 29.71 secs
  • David Pfeiffer 29.95 secs
  • Michael Bishop 30.04 secs
  • Matthew Woodland 31.15 secs
  • Henry Beasley 31.90 secs
  • Guy Chet 32.54 secs

The competition was intense throughout the class competitions and a number of Records were broken or lowered by their holders, they were.

  • Road Registered 2WD Sedans and Sports Cars under 1600cc
  • David Hall Toyota MR2 = 38.23 secs
  • Road Registered 4WD Sedans and Sports Cars 4001cc and over
  • Nathan Green Skyline GTR = 33.41 secs
  • 2B/2F Production Sports 1601-2000cc
  • Fletcher Bolton Mazda Mx5 = 35.40 secs
  • 2B/2F Production Sports 2001 - 3000cc
  • Thomas Ferguson Datsun 240Z = 33.55 secs
  • 2B/2F Production Sports 3001 cc and over
  • David Batty Mazda Mx5 SE = 35.04 secs
  • Formula Libre 751 - 1300 cc
  • David Mahon Ninja GA7 = 28.83 secs.

The competition was run under variable conditions, the weather was ideal during the first two days though on Sunday, conditions were cooler and a misty rain descended, this worked against the popular “Shootout” at the end of the day.

There were no “open wheelers” prepared to run off. 

The CAMS City Discount Tyres Nailsworth Top 12 Shootout:

Road Registered 4WD Sedans and Sports Cars 2001-4000cc

  • 789 Aaron Keen - Mitsubishi Evo 7 run a time of 37.11

3C-Rally Cars 4WD

  • 440 Daniel Longhurst - Mitsubishi Evo 7 - 34.12 secs
  • 169 Gavin Farley -        Mitsubishi Evo 7 - 36.07 secs
  • 72 Martin Radford -     Mitsubishi Evo 7 - 37.07 secs
  • 512 Douglas Johnson - Subaru Impreza WRX - 38.24 secs

Most drivers seemed to have enjoyed the event that finalises the Sporting Car Club of SA Hillclimb Competition for the year. 

The clubbies and open sports car fraternity bunched together and helped a couple of their mates who found trouble.

Peter Fritz (34.74 secs) found so much power in his Puma that he pulled the rear axle out of its mounts after a particularly powerful application of the right foot. 

Kym Ninnes (35.45 secs) in his Fidini Clubman, going again very nicely until he had another “lost wheel” problem caused by bolts shearing, fortunately with little damage to Kym or Fidini.

Roger Lomman set a most commendable time 35.87 secs in his lower powered though most attractively presented Elfin Clubman.

John Muldoon, one of the drivers competing in the championships, celebrated his 50th year as a competitor at Collingrove.

This has been a successful year of competition blessed by mostly ideal conditions a growing number of entrants and best of all some really keen and enthusiastic younger drivers.

Look out for the competition dates that should be published later this year once the CAMS Calendar is finalised.