Council voting – represent your values, concerns

By now every South Australian of voting age should have received their local government ballot papers.

If you don’t then there is still time to make your way to the closest council office to pick up the appropriate paperwork.

Voting closes on Friday, November 9, so you still have a week to get your vote in.

By voting in council elections you are expressing your opinion - you want to be sure there are people representing your values and concerns and have your best interest at heart.

But, if you decide not to vote remember you are letting other people make decisions for you and your family and you are waiving your right to have any negative thoughts or comments in regards to council business.

Local government has the biggest representation when it comes to our day-to-day living. It is not just the ‘3 Rs’ (roads, rates and rubbish) which is taken care of by councils.

There is animal management, cemeteries, tourism, stormwater, pools, aged care facilities, libraries, social programs, halls, sporting facilities, parks andmuch more.

Council voting is also a great chance for people to have a better influence on who will be representing them - without political party persuasion - it is the most tangible tier of government in which we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

If that is not a reason to take time out to vote then what is?

So who do you vote for?

Ask yourself what are the types of issues you would like to have dealt with and how they affect you and your community.

Compare your ideas, interests and values with those of the candidates, which can be found through social media, emails or on the Local Government Association South Australia website

When you have decided on who is the best candidate be sure to fill out the ballot paper correctly - it would be a shame to have done the homework yet wasted your vote.

Make a difference - it is not too late to participate in your council election.


The Barossa Council – Phone: 8563 8444; Email:

Light Regional Council – Phone: 8525 3200; Email:

Town of Gawler – Phone: 8522 9211; Email: