Young Barossa Rams win SA Rugby grand final

It was a very tough ask to the Barossa Rams Under 16 team to defeat runners up, Onkaparinga on Onkaparinga’s own home ground during their 50th anniversary on the weekend.

However, the Barossa Boys did rise to the occasion.

They hold their heads high with the knowledge that trusting their instincts, holding on to structure and sustaining confidence in team support will deliver results.

The Rams played with unmatched determination, resilience and flawless implementation of their game plan. The forwards played with dominance and the backs executed seamlessly.

Not only did the young warrior hearts of the Barossa dominate in all attacking areas but their defence was also, as always, par excellence.

Onkaparinga did not manage to stay more than five per cent of the total game time in Barossa’s half.

With the final score at 37-5, these young Rams stood victorious to become the first ever junior team of the Barossa Rams, in the club’s 41 years of existence, to win a grand final premiership.

With this achievement this band of rugby brothers became more than just a team.

Their character is now cast in stone and will always be a testament of inspiration to future junior teams.

Other teams would learn about the history and the exceptional culture of the Barossa Rams Rugby Club.

This team and the club lived up to their three pillars of Discipline, Unity and Passion.

They demonstrated to their critics and supporters how hard work, determination and team work were their major ingredients for success.