Z Wine's Julius Shiraz awarded third place

Kirsten and Janelle Zerk at their Z Wine bar, Murray Street, Tanunda.
Kirsten and Janelle Zerk at their Z Wine bar, Murray Street, Tanunda.

Barossa sisters Janelle and Kirsten Zerk recently brought honour and fame to the region with their Z Wine 2016 Julius Barossa Valley Shiraz.

The wine not only achieved a ‘five star’ rating, winner – top in category and flight – plus a highly sought after place in the top 10, it was further awarded third place at the Mainfreight World’s Greatest Shiraz Challenge XIII.

The challenge involved four different panels of three judges who evaluated 431 wines blindly and scoring independently according to the International 20 point system which translates to the ‘star’ rating for each wine.

Judging comments included ‘a huge wine with powerful concentration of ripe varietal fruit in the blackberry spectrum with obvious charry oak and nice savoury elements’.

‘A great traditional style of Shiraz.’ 

‘Intense fruit with appropriate oak made for the long haul.’

‘...And the Zerk sisters’ $60 offering that beat out many wines more that 10 times the price—amazing.’

Thrilled with the result, winemaker Janelle Zerk shared how this is the 10th years of production for the Julius. 

“To have the light shine on our wine on the world stage in such good company of iconic brands is amazing,” she said.

Equally impressed was Z Wine owner Kristen Zerk.

“It’s great to see such good representation of the Barosssa Valley in this outstanding award, especially in the top three,” she said. 

The sisters explained how the wine is called Julius after Kristen’s son Keevan Julius, who takes his name from the late Grandpa Hedley ‘Pete’ Julius Zerk.

“He would have been very proud of this achievement,” Kirsten added.

Accolades for Z Wine with ‘5 stars’ in the challenge also included the 2008 [Z] Museum, 2016 Poole Old Vine and 2016 Plowman Dry Grown.

Meanwhile, first place was awarded to Penfolds Grange 2013 Shiraz.