Melinda Kirk confesses her love for her father

Gawler Flower Gallery owner Deb Veltman hands over the $150 Father's Day hamper to deserving winner Melinda Kirk.
Gawler Flower Gallery owner Deb Veltman hands over the $150 Father's Day hamper to deserving winner Melinda Kirk.

For more than three decades Melinda Kirk has kept a tight lid on a incident involving herself and her dad’s runaway vehicle. 

Yet on Friday the Hope Valley woman’s comical confession announced her as winner of the Father’s Day competition ‘Fess up to Dad’ run in partnership with Barossa Herald and Gawler Flower Gallery.

Her winning entry resulted in a hamper, valued at $150, packed full of treats for her dad.

Ms Kirk wrote, “Dad, I love you but did you know...that, the time your new car rolled down the drive, across the road, through a creek...well it wasn’t because you left the handbrake off. It “might” have been because I was pretend driving my little brother to the shops...”might” have left the handbrake off. Sorry Dad.”

The Hope Valley woman, whose work in IT brings her come to Gawler and the Barossa, revealed how she had never shared that fateful day with either her partners or brother, who happens to work in Gawler and dressed in blue, or anyone.

Ms Kirk further said how her dad is currently travelling Australia and located somewhere in Northern Territory so hopes he doesn’t discover her crime.

“My dad is amazing,” she said.

On Thursday he had sent her a beautiful necklace from Darwin to celebrate her birthday.

“He’s been driving around in circles in a Winnebago for the last seven years.”

The vehicle incident occurred when Ms Kirk was 11 and involved her brother who was eight at the time and is certain he won’t remember the event.

“I just remember it (the car) was ‘newish’ to our family so was a late 70s model,” she explained.

She further shared how the car had a different handbrake set up so her dad believed he had forgotten to put it on.

Fortunately the car came out of the creek unscathed and until now Ms Kirk has remained tight lipped.

Honourable mentions for the competition go to:

Five-year-old Ruby, Tanunda, “Dad is a good Father. I love my dad. I like to swing outside with him. O live my Daddy to the moon and back.”

John Bampton, 25, Kapunda, “I did start that fire in the backyard when I was seven.”

Kim Scharkie, 39, Hewett, “I never ever touched a single bottle in your bar. Even though Mum always let me take the blame, I would never touch anything of your that you haven’t let me.”

Peter Raggatt, 55, Greenacres, “It was me that burnt down the hay shed.”

Ian Otterspoor, 55, Kapunda, “Your best screwdriver you loved to use

Leah Simpson, Saddleworth,  “I love you and you’ve given me every opportunity in life, even now, thank you.”

Jemma Dodd, 19, Shea Oak Log, “I used nail polish to cover up a scratch on my car.”

For Gawler Flower Gallery owner Deb Veltman she was thrilled with the amount of entries received through her business at 61 Murray Street, Gawler.