Local MP supported Dutton’s failed leadership challenge

Mr Tony Pasin MP
Mr Tony Pasin MP

Local liberal MP for Barker Tony Pasin backed Peter Dutton prior to his unsuccessful leadership challenge that ended in Treasurer Scott Morrison becoming the new Australian Prime Minister.

Mr Pasin publicly supported Peter Dutton yesterday amid speculation that Dutton would challenge Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership.

“While I can’t control when, or indeed if leadership spills take place, if a vote is to take place, it is my belief Mr Dutton is the individual I am best placed to work with in the interests of the people of Barker,” Mr Pasin said in a statement yesterday. 

“No one enjoys leadership spills, particularly when they take place within the Party of Government.

“At this point my main concern is that the party room needs to meet and resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

Peter Dutton was today defeated by Scott Morrison in a leadership vote by the federal liberal party, despite support from Barker MP Mr Pasin. The vote was split 45 – 40 in favour of Mr Morrison. 

Mr Pasin said he would continue to fight for lower electricity prices, more jobs and better roads and telecommunications for the people of Barker regardless of who was Prime Minister.

The Barossa Herald has reached out to Mr Pasin’s office for further comment on whether he still believes Mr Dutton is the best candidate to lead a liberal government.