Heritage Round Hockey | GALLERY

It’s heartening to see some of the old wet stuff falling from the sky finally, and with wet stuff falling at night not making the spectators cold and miserable was always a bit of a bonus.

I trotted up to Stocky to cast the old weatherworns over the happenings of the Heritage Round between the canaries and the monochromed ones; whilst Johnny and Bart were pulled tight to fend off the niggling breeze and the wonderful canteen ladies served hot soup that was strained well through the glorious moustachios while I sat in the corner of the Stocky Shed working my slate in the run to the Finals Dance.

The A women served up a bit of a surprise with the canary girls defending well against the swooping piebalds and going down by a respectable margin. The Legs had the bye but are still clear top of the grade with 3 games to go and no chance of losing that spot.

The A Men was a fiery affair, as one would expect on such an occasion; the canary boys twittered in victory but certainly didn’t get everything their own way. The Pies drew first blood with a swoop that would have knocked Lance Armstrong over; but the response was very quick and the tussle began in earnest.

The points cement the canaries at the top of the table with a game clear over cross-region rivals AMU and a couple of games to go. Ornithologists around the area are excited for the prospect of the battles in the next couple of weeks.

The B women saw a couple of big scores being registered: My Stripey Mates from Up North had the fortress overrun by the marauding Legs; the younger piebalds warbled over the canaries; and the Old Collegians couldn’t hold out the parrots. This result cements the top four with two games left in the minor round; but there are certainly going to be some tussles for supremacy in the Four. I look forward to watching these finals play out.

To my dismay on a personal level the final four in the B Men comp is now settled; it was truly exciting a couple of years ago when it came down the final game of the round and gave the old pacemaker a solid workout. It was a Parrot derby on the Friday night which kicked off the B Men campaign; as expected, the younger parrots took the points to seal a spot in the four, but the older boys didn’t let them take it easily.

On the away front, the Legs trekked north and were repelled from The Fortress by My Stripey Mates; the upset of the round was the younger canaries taking the points from the younger piebalds in celebration of Hooter’s and up-and-comer Byron’s milestone games – well done to both of those boys, as Cameron has been around the traps in the all-conquering Nuri A Men’s side forever.

The older canaries couldn’t repeat the coup in the double-up game and the maggies redeemed the honour there. The Old Collegians had the bye; and there could be some tussling for positions in the four now.

The 18’s saw the piebalds take the top perch over the canaries; no position changes here on the ladder.

In the U15’s an interesting result ensued with the canaries drawing with the old beady-eyed ones; and both them and the 18’s results were directly affected by the amount of top-class kids in State comps.  It moves the maggies into striking distance of the top three yet with three games left, so a live grade – hoorah!

The U13’s saw a win for Trinity keep them in top spot on goals, over cross-region rivals Gawler; the green canaries took a convincing win over the younger piebalds; the old maggies sealed the win over the gold canaries. A very live grade with no spot being sealed and fourth very much up for grabs. The grandies are keeping the excitement alive at this level!

Come and say a quick ‘hullo’ and slip us a tenner on a couple of results when wandering through the Stocky Shed next weekend.

- Mr Hockey