Grant assists Kapunda’s mining site

Kapunda's historic mine site off Perry Road.
Kapunda's historic mine site off Perry Road.

A grant awarded into In-Situ Recovery (ISR) mining includes support for Kapunda’s historic mine site, off Perry Road.

The recent announcement comes after Environmental Copper Recovery (ECR) was awarded a Commonwealth Government Co-Operative Research Centre grant.

These funds will mean research into Kapunda and other mine sites to lead to better environmental outcomes, improved economic results and reduced community concerns, Environmental Copper Recovery Leon Faulkner explained.

“ISR mining now has the ability to profitably remove metals from within the ground without significantly affecting the earth’s surface.

“With little impact on the environment, this has the potential to be a game changer for the mining industry when used with those deposits that are suitable,” he said.

ECR, with their partners Thor Mining, Terramin Exploration, Mining 3 and research partners University of Adelaide and CSIRO, will focus on environmental, social and economic impacts of ISR mining.

“While in its early stages, successful development of an (ISR) process to extract copper and other metals from diverse geological environments will be a step change in Australian mining,” Mr Faulkner said. 

Success with this project, not just the Kapunda site, will also give the industry a tangible demonstration and provide a template for future ventures to unlock new deposits currently considered as stranded assets.

ECR, who continue to work closely with Light Regional Council and the community, say a date for on site research is yet to be set.