What’s happening in your local economy?

The regional economy is made up of many things – not just investment, but capital, markets  and attitudes too.  Capital includes environmental capital and resources, the build environment, human capital, financial capital, infrastructure.  And our attitude – individually and collectively – influences whether we are going to make the most of this or not.

There are many people contributing to our community’s economic development … the community with their skills, civic and community involvement and volunteering; businesses, employing people, providing services and products on a daily basis, activating our townships and collaborating with each other to promote and support our region; our local government providing community infrastructure and facilities and supporting business investment through planning and regulatory processes; federal and state government through supporting export, investment and infrastructure and regulatory oversight of banking, community and corporate activity; through education, health and other services.

Regional Development (RDA) Barossa Gawler Light Adelaide Plains works with and across all these players in economic development.  We identify locally relevant opportunities and ways to get them off the ground, enlisting support of different government and industry bodies, we support businesses to find partnerships, finance and pathways for new ventures and growth and we assist with skills and capabilities development so businesses and their employees have the knowledge they need to be successful.

This work is directed by a board of industry leaders and local government, who together develop plans and targets for regional growth.  Chair Ivan Venning, deputy chair Rolf Binder and the board want to hear from business and industry: what are the opportunities and what is holding you back.  If you don’t know them, get to meet the board at www.barossa.org.au/board and some of the things we do.

Every month, I will talk about RDA initiatives in the Herald. 

In the meanwhile remember: “Innovation is by nature bottom up.  Even if Government comes up with a grand and bold plan, it is bottom-up ideas and actions that give substance to the plan to make it successful” Ong Ye Kung, Singapore, 2018.

Anne Moroney, chief executive

Regional Development Australia Barossa Gawler Light Adelaide Plains