A-Grade upsets before finals

Another nail-biting, joyous and altogether amazing couple of days and evenings awaited us this weekend!

Nights were cold but the days pretty much as good as a winter’s day can offer us, and the warriors on the pitch cried in joy and fervour as the lust of battle dawned upon them.

From the little’uns whose skills are improving each week, to the bigger’uns who are refining those skills and building on the base; to the biggest and oldest ones who are pitching all skill, body and experience to the battle lines each week in the honourable pursuit of the trophy for the Greatest Sport in the World in their respective grades.

A huge congratulations to the Nuri Hockey Club for the achievement of 40 years of foundation – a lot of success and amazing athletes have spawned from this Club over the years and we tip our hats in that direction, even if we don’t necessarily follow the canaries in their exploits.

Healthy clubs of all persuasions are necessary to even have a competition, so we thank the NHC for their contributions to the sport over the four decades of fair feuding.

The A Men this week tipped a big upset in a physical game with the beady-eyed boys warbling over the parrots in the Battle of the Birdbath; and the Redleg girls squeaked a win over the maggies in the dying minutes to seal the points.

Both grades are sealed for the top two spots, so nothing changes in the long term; but it shows that no team has a total command on their fate and in the funny realms of sport anything can happen at any time.

The B Men comp started out the weekend with a convincing win for the younger canaries over the older parrots; whilst the Old Collegians hung on to seal the points over the younger parrots.

The Old Cornered Craniums had the bye; whilst younger beady-eyed boys took line honours against the Redlegs.

The canaries and My Stripey Mates from Up North ground out a battle for even points on the turf.

These results put the younger piebalds in top spot with two games clear and unlikely to lose that position; with The Old Boys from the Private School sitting pretty in second and unable to drop. Third and fourth are still live with the Redlegs, CDU and both parrot teams still in contention.

My slate is as ready to go as an overweight boy in a cheesecake shop, and the sly tenners are slowing getting slipped in past the barber’s poles.

On the B Women’s front, the redlegs won against the second piebald’s team; My Stripey Mates took the canaries to task; and the valiant parrots fell before the first beady-eyed girls.

Trinity had the bye. The top three spots are all but sealed here with the Legs, parrots and the Old Collegians in for the finals tussle; with fourth spot being fought for between the beady-eyed girls and My Stripey Mates.

In the 18’s, the grade is as set as my mother with a bottle of sherry, bless ‘er; with the young maggies coming up trumps against the parrots and the canaries putting the wood on My Stripey Mates in an upset.

The monochromed ones are sitting pretty on top; whilst the Stripey mates are second and the canaries twittering in third.

In the 15’s, AMU weren’t able to repeat the lesson given a few week’s ago and the maggie’s defence held on stronger to deny the chances; and Nuri beat CDU in a tense battle.

In top spot the parrots are squawking with the canaries preening in second; third spot is still live between CDU and the magpies with only one game difference.

The 13’s saw the parrots squawk over the legs; the maggies took the points over the canaries and the Young collegians sealed a win over the second canary side.

The young magpies had the bye. No position on this ladder is sealed yet with a game or so between spots; the parrots sitting top hounded by Trinity, and both magpies, Gawler and Nuri Gold in contention for third and fourth.

My chalk is poised in anticipation for the next couple of weeks and I need a Bex and a quick lie down.

Maybe a nap would be helped by a shot of reinforced fruit juice. It’s worth a try…