Closing in on hockey finals

While it was windy enough to ruffle the flowing locks of a tough hockey lass or two, it was pretty much a pearler weekend for watching ‘The Best Sport in the World’.

It was chilly in the wind but even most of the juniors weren’t complaining about it too much.

We are stoking the firebox with coal to steam up to speed for the finals campaign, with the end beginning to loom on the horizon like a skyscraper that tells us that after a couple of months at sea we are almost on for a hot steak and warm welcome.

Ah, my whiskers are quivering in the excitement of the finals run.

The top women had a tighter game than could have been expected and while the beady-eyed girls came out winners, they didn’t get everything their own way.

The girls from the impossible main street had the bye this week and are still the team to beat, with solid performers all over the park but still some workable chinks in the armour that could be exploited.

The top Canary boys had the bye this week but the battle of the birdbath was fierce with the Parrots and Piebalds squawking fiercely.

The Parrots took the points after a decent surge from the Maggies.

My money is on these guys but they are not showing the all-stomping form that they have had in the last couple of years, so odds are short on them.

There is money to be made here if the Canaries can hold their structure and their confidence in themselves holds firm.

In the seconds girls, the touted derby between the Maggies was a funny affair.

The black Piebalds took the points as expected; the Canaries had the bye; the Redleg girls from the impossible main street stormed the fortress of My Stripey Mates from Up North with a huge win and the Parrots wrestled with the Collegians for even points in a very entertaining game.

Not the result I expected and it raised my shaggy forehead verandahs with surprise to watch.

The Parrots are sitting preening in top spot with the Redlegs within kicking distance at only one game behind; and the Collegians, both Piebalds and My Stripey Mates all vying heavily for the next two spots.

Healthy competition, indeed!

In the B men, a couple of very interesting results unfurled like a mainsail after a storm – the Parrots stormed The Fortress Up North for the points; the older Piebalds got twittered over by the younger Canaries; and the Redlegs and older Canaries had a huge scorefest with the umpires having to work hard at both ends just signalling goals.

The Legs took the points to really fire up their finals charge for the final slot in the top four.

I really had to have a nap by the top game for the Sunday between the young Maggies and the old Collegians so didn’t see the result there.

Old age and PL’s finest fruit juices call too hard on the old bones at times.

My slate is still scratching hard on these results with five rounds to go; I hope that there is some shuffling in the positions yet for the sake of the punters and my spinning red-and-white-barber’s pole.

Everyone has a week off to have some time with their little’uns doing the stuff that makes for a happy childhood and we will see you all on the park in a couple of weekends for the war-cry to sound forth and the clash of sticks and clack of the little white round thing on the end the weapon to commence in the race to the finish line.

I’m excited and I hope you are there with me all the way.