Light Regional Council complete rain garden project

Five ‘rain gardens’ have appeared in Freeling in a bid to improve the quality of stormwater run off from a street before it flows to nearby creeks and out to sea.

The gardens, located along Stephenson Street, were completed in May by the Light Regional Council.

It is the first significant rain garden project undertaken by a regional SA council. 

This project was supported by the South Australian Environment Protection Authority (EPA), with funding from the council and the Rain Garden 500 Project which is part of Australian Government’s Catchment to Coast Project.

According to the council, the improved stormwater from the rain gardens may be collected and used for irrigation or returned to the stormwater system.

Collectively, rain gardens and other stormwater improvement features, such as wetlands installed in catchments, result in less stormwater being directed to sea and improved water quality in urban waterways and Adelaide’s coastal waters.

The sites are expected to further reduce pollution and contributes to improving seagrass health, which benefit the marine environment, and keeping beach water cleaner.

The public is invited to view the rain gardens on Stephenson Street in action.